It is Better to Work with the NJDEP Than Against It


Businesses in New Jersey want to maximize their investment and make sure their funds are spent wisely. For example, many ensure permit compliance with the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection (NJDEP) because of its cost-effective benefits in the long term.

The NJDEP implements numerous environmental laws and regulations in the Garden State, with 24,000 compliance inspections and 6,000 enforcement actions done yearly. They ensure that the state’s environment is well-maintained, clean, safe, and enjoyable for the generations to come. They also implement a stewardship program, encouraging regulated entities to boost their environmental performance beyond the existing requirements.

When businesses practice environmental stewardship and NJDEP permit compliance, they can enjoy environmental sustainability, avoid expensive fees and termination, save on expenses, increase profit, and boost brand awareness.

To secure a permit from the NJDEP, business owners require the services of a trusted NJ structural engineer. These professional engineers are well-experienced in working with various state and local regulatory bodies.

For example, a structural engineer Mercer County can help locals abide by NJDEP regulations. They will perform a physical evaluation of the property before starting the project. They will also review important records from the site and gather more information by interviewing knowledgeable staff. Professional engineers perform these tasks to determine the environmental conditions in the area and their potential environmental risks.

However, some see NJDEP compliance as unnecessary and choose to cut costs, using the funds on other business matters. As a result, they will incur costlier operational expenses and pay expensive fines for non-compliance. Failure to follow the NJDEP’s rules and regulations can also cause the company to lose its project permit or, worse, close down completely.

Working with the NJDEP is more beneficial and practical than working against it. To know more about the importance of regulatory compliance to the NJDEP, see this infographic from Lockatong Engineering.

It is Better to Work with the NJDEP Than Against It

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