7 Tips for More Sustainable Hotel Operations


Sustainability in business has two main components – its effects on the environment and its effects on the society. It is a precursor to business success. In this article, our focus is on how to implement this business concept in hotel operations.

  • Build an On-Premise Laundry

By having commercial dryers and washers in-house, hotels can handle its laundry needs instead of outsourcing from third-party service providers. This means that there is no need to transport linens to and from the hotel, and this is a good way to reduce carbon emissions. Not to mention, it is an effective cost-cutting measure. Plus, hotels will have more control over the quality of laundry.

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  • Start a Robust Waste Management Program

Reduce, reuse, and recycle – this is one of the most important in building a more sustainable business. Create a waste management program that outlines a comprehensive plan. Focus on proper waste disposal. Find ways to minimize waste created in daily hotel operations. Be creative in implementing a recycling program.

  • Implement Green Housekeeping

There’s no need to change towels and sheets every day. This does not mean that you are compromising cleanliness. A good practice is to give the guests the option to request. Doing this will minimize the need for laundry, and hence, it allows hotels to save water and electricity. This is a good initiative for cost cutting.

  • Add a Garden

If you have extra space in your hotel, building a garden is another good sustainability initiative. This is a great way to counteract the carbon footprint. It also helps in creating more beautiful spaces in the hotel. Not to mention, it can provide easy access to fruits and vegetables that can be used in serving meals to hotel guests.

  • Tap Alternative Energy Sources

Hotels that run on renewable energy are not only promoting sustainable business practices, but they are also minimizing costs and maximizing returns. From solar to geothermal energy, find ways to tap alternative energy sources without compromising the quality of service.

  • Source Foods Locally

Transporting food products contributes significantly to carbon emissions. As an alternative, hotels must consider sourcing their foods from local suppliers. Aside from doing something good for the environment, this is also a great initiative to help the local community thrive.

  • Train Your People

Sustainability is not just for management. It is a collective effort, and hence, all employees must be involved. Invest in employee training, making them familiar with how they can contribute to the hotel’s sustainability program.

Sustainability is more than just a trend. It is a philosophy that businesses must embrace. From having a waste management program to sourcing foods locally, a sustainable hotel operation is more than just fulfilling social responsibility. It is also all about building a better business reputation, and in the end, increasing profitability.

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