5 ways to show off your Irish heritage through fashion


If you’re of Irish heritage and want to show off your roots to the world, injecting some Irish into your fashion isn’t a bad idea. But where can you get started? Here’s our sound advice.


Wear green


Okay, so this one might be a little silly, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. We all associate the color green with Ireland, so adding a couple of bright-green dresses, tees, jumpers, and cardigans to your wardrobe is a great way to give a subtle nod to your homeland, without needing to wear an ‘I Love Dublin’ t-shirt seven days a week. Green is the ideal color for those who have fair skin and hair – it can show off your emerald eyes, too.

Get a tattoo


Another way to celebrate your Celtic heritage is to invest in a tattoo. The chances are that you have seen a tattoo inspired by Ireland in the past, and perhaps not realized it. Some of the most popular include the Celtic zodiac symbol, which is supposedly used as a way to connect with one’s inner self. Other options include the Celtic cross, the triquetra – which is a type of Celtic knot – and the Irish harp. The Tree of Life is another attractive tattoo design.

Buy jewelry


If a tattoo is perhaps a little too permanent (or painful!) for your liking, consider buying a piece of jewelry made in Ireland. Alongside the popular Claddagh and Celtic rings, you could opt for a stunning curb chain or an ebb and flow pendant. There are thousands of options for you to consider, though we always recommend buying a piece that comes from Ireland and has been hallmarked for that added air of authenticity – companies sell such products online.

Shop from Irish fashion brands


Another way to pay tribute to your Irish heritage is to wear clothing designed by Irish fashion icons. Manley, Danielle Romeril, Edel Traynor, Petria Lenehan, and Natalie B. Coleman are some of the most popular fashion designers to come out of Ireland, and whether you buy clothing from their stores or you use their outfits as lookbook inspirations, there are lots of ways that you can get closer to your history without having to dress like a green leprechaun!

Add in some blue twine


If you’ve ever spent time in rural Ireland, the chances are that you’ve seen blue twine used as a belt or accessory. Though perhaps not the most fashionable item in your wardrobe, you can incorporate some blue twine into your look by creating a bracelet or a homemade belt. Extra brownie points if you source wool from Ireland itself – many companies sell it online!

Do you have any other advice on dressing like you’re Irish? Let us know your thoughts and check back to the blog soon for more advice on looking and feeling your best, every week.


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