5 Vehicle Rental Company Red Flags To Watch Out For


Not all people can afford to buy a private or commercial vehicle in Singapore. Besides financing, what can carless drivers can do is lease a car.

Singapore has tons of vehicle rentals. However, not all are reliable, transparent, and reputable. It is a challenge to find the best car rental services.

Here are the vehicle rental company red flags you need to watch out for:


One of the oldest tricks of many vehicle rental companies is forcing you to switch your desired car with a more expensive one. But how does it happen?

For instance, a person books a sedan car weeks or days ahead. But on the day the person gets the vehicle, the dealer would say that the sedan is unavailable due to maintenance, repair, and other excuses. Then the dealer would offer to upgrade the car to a hatchback because it is the only one currently available in the inventory.

Upgrading to a hatchback, however, means additional fees since it is more expensive than the sedan. This trick is a scam, so watch out for it.


Many car rental companies charge their clients hidden fees. For example, an airport concession charge is an additional fee for the car company’s rent at the airport. You can avoid this charge by getting a car rental company in Singapore away from the airport.

Another fee is the young renter fee. It is an additional charge for people renting a car under 25 years old. Car dealers think there is a higher risk with drivers below 25 years old; therefore, the additional fee compensates for the risks.


It is a trend among car rental companies to offer unlimited mileage to their clients. It is ideal for drivers to take advantage of these offers. Today, having a little mileage limit can be deemed a red flag.

If you travel a lot, find a car company that leases cars with 12,000 miles per year. Much better if you buy and sell vehicles for cheaper options than personal cars.


For safety reasons, it is a standard for each car rental company in Singapore to present their clients with the inspection and maintenance report of the vehicles.

It is the client’s responsibility to demand an inspection and maintenance report and guarantee it is legitimate and up to date. Otherwise, there is a risk of accidents and other car issues to arise.


The red flag of all red flags is the insanely low price of the leases. If the rent cost is too-good-to-be-true, avoid it altogether. There are many reasons why they are advertising the car at an extremely low price. The vehicle could be old and unreliable, or you’ll end with hefty hidden charges at the end of the contract.

These are the glaring red flags you should avoid when leasing a car from a vehicle rental company. Keep an eye on these flags.

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