5 Things every parent should know about cbd oil & their kids.


Cbd (cannabidiol), an oil, is becoming a very popular treatment for health and well-being. It is said to calm your nerves and have other benefits that will improve your overall health. Is cbd oil legal it ok to use cbd for your children?

It is. It is natural for the body to produce endocannabinoids, and children have been exposed to external cannabinoids quite often. Endocannabinoids are found in breast milk which can help with infant development.

1. THC and Cbd are two different things

Let’s begin with the elephant in this room. THC (the primary compound) and cbd (the secondary compound) are two of the most important components in hemp. But they serve completely different purposes.

THC is the active substance in marijuana. It creates a high by binding to your brain’s cannabinoid1 (cb1) receptors. The cbd toTHC ratio of medication will vary. The stronger the high is, the higher the THC.

Cbd, on its contrary, doesn’t bind to cb1 in the brain. Therefore, people can’t get high. Cbd should not be sold over the internet. It shouldn’t contain THC.

THC could be found in cbd oil available over the counter from legal medical cannabis stores. Rest assured, though, that your child will not be inhaled marijuana by the time you give it to him/her.

2. Not all cbd oils are equal

Cbd oil bought over-the-counter must not contain more than 0.3% THC. While the fda works hard against cbd oil manufacturers containing THC, it is not possible to capture all.

Before purchasing cbd oil, you should carefully screen it. There are some cbd products that are better than others. You can learn more about cbd products by reading reviews and talking to other parents.

3. Cbd oil can help with autism, sensory processing disorders, anxiety, & more

Cbd oils have not been widely used in mainstream medicine for many years. This is because there is very little research supporting their use to treat autism and other developmental disorders. The benefits of cbd oil in treating autism, sensory processing, anxiety, depression, and other disorders are supported by extensive anecdotal research and surface evidence.

They also support further research. Before you give cbd oils for your children, it is vital that you consult a doctor. Your physician may recommend cbd oil from a doctor rather than an otc product. You might also be warned about cbd oil potentially reacting with other medications.

4. Cbd oil legally administrated

Some cbd oil companies will claim that the product can be legally obtained in every state. Otherwise, you will need a prescription to make your purchase. Although you can still order online and have it delivered to you, if you are not in legalized marijuana state by state, there may be legal consequences.

If you live outside of a legal marijuana jurisdiction, please follow the right channels to receive a prescription.

5. Cbd oil isn’t cheap

Parents who regularly use cbd oil to support their children’s health could have to fork over $500 per month. You will need to pay a large sum if it is required frequently. Most states don’t have insurance.

The cost of cbd products will vary depending on where they are purchased and the state taxes. If you are struggling to afford the cost, consider writing to your legislators encouraging insurance firms to assist.

Cbd oil can bring joy to children in dire need when used correctly. Before administering cbd to your child, consult with him or her.

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