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Exploring Canada and wondering where you’re going next? Corridor Canada advises you to visit Newfoundland and Labrador! With its history and bountiful nature, the province welcomes you for an experience like no other.

Exploring Newfoundland and Labrador also means meeting a Francophone community with a rich heritage. To give you a taste, here are three activities that are a must during your Newfoundland getaway!

1.   Explore St. John’s, the capital with French accents

The importance of the Francophonie

The capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s (St. John’s) crystallizes the island’s rich history. Here you will find evidence of the successive divisions of the territory between the first European populations (notably English and French).

Although the province is now English-speaking, the city concentrates the largest portion of the province’s French-speaking population.

The latter remains particularly active and involved in the preservation of the French-speaking community. Between cultural events, French courses and Francophone film screenings, the French fact remains vibrant!

Visit St. John’s, Newfoundland

Ideally explored on foot, St. John’s offers the visitor many activities and places to discover.

As you walk through its colourful downtown core, you will first appreciate its architectural diversity. The city was partially rebuilt following a fire in 1892, and the Gothic Revival style now rubs shoulders with Queen Anne and the Second Empire, to the delight of aesthetes and history buffs alike.

You can also admire the local handicrafts in one of its many stores, before enjoying a well-deserved gourmet break in one of its charming cafés and restaurants.

And for those who love to party, the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland has a lot of fun too! While the center is full of lively bars, many events are also organized here. Every year, the Newfoundland Folk Festival, where French and English-speaking musical artists meet.

Finally, don’t miss the inevitable St. John’s harbour, its colourful houses and its exceptional view!

2.   Discover the local wildlife

For wilderness lovers with a taste for adventure, visiting Newfoundland and Labrador also means exploring remarkable natural spaces.

Active for over 30 years now, O’Brien’s, in particular, takes the curious to discover the local wildlife.

Appreciated by locals and visitors alike, these maritime excursions, only 30 minutes from St. John’s, will bring you into the path of many seabirds! From puffins to orange-billed puffins, to impressive humpback whales, you’ll have some memorable memories!

An unforgettable immersion in Newfoundland nature.

3.   Learn about Newfoundland’s natural history.

Visiting Newfoundland and Labrador also means becoming familiar with the island’s abundant human and geological history.

Several spaces in the region welcome you and help you discover the natural wonders of the province, such as the Hibernia Interpretation Centre on the Manuels River. Nestled in a valley 20 minutes from the capital, the site includes :

Information on the prehistoric life of the island,

Information on early explorers, including the legendary Vikings,

An impressive collection of fossils, and a wealth of information about Newfoundland’s geological past.

To continue your exploration, consider a visit to the Johnson Geological Centre while you are in St. John’s!

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