3 Reasons Why Successful Leaders Prioritize Philanthropy?


When we attain a certain level of success or we have been through harsh experiences of life or we have a very strong sense of empathy or for a multitude of reasons we tend to give back to society by the noble act of charity or in whatever ways possible by helping the people who are needy and going through tough times of their lives or simply are disabled and cannot look after their own. But when this work of charity is scaled up to the next level it is called Philanthropy. Which means love for humanity. As we look around we can find ample of examples and in ample of ways how humanity today is suffering at the hands of poverty and penury which renders them deprived of their very basic needs, food, clothing, and shelter to name a few.

Martin Luther King Jr. Who was an American Christian minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the civil rights movement has truly said by Martin Luther King Jr. that ” Life’s persistent and most urgent question is “What are you doing for others?”.

Based on this quote we can many of the renowned personal personas from celebrities to business tycoon to leaders in various industries and sectors, often do not tend to hold back from giving away their wealth. So what can be the reason that Successful Leaders Prioritize Philanthropy?

There are can be many answers to this question, but here are these 3 major reasons that, Why Successful Leaders Prioritize Philanthropy.

Satisfaction and peace of mind:

Being joyous and fulfilled is an important part of our lives which can reflect on the fact that how happy we are and how satisfied we are with ourselves. It’s although quite contrary to the fact that we fill happy and fulfilled when we get money, the joy of giving has no limits, and the satisfaction and peace of mind they can achieve by helping others who are helpless and have no one to look after can amplify their moral sense of being and sustaining others to secure them a better future and help them improve their lives as well as lives of others around them.

It Ultimately Reflects Back:

Successful business leaders have a good sense of how the Market works and they are aware of the fact that what they will contribute today to help others or preserve the environment or fight the hunger of the destitute will be coming back to them in multiple ways. As it may help start a chain of positive events that make the society prosperous and in return, it will also make them prosperous.

The Unwritten Social Contract:

Although there are various concepts like Corporate social responsibility(CSR) which helps in both ways for promoting a brand’s name as well as contributing towards the welfare of the society. But being an integral part of the community they are more likely to give for social welfare activities as Successful Leaders realizes the intrinsic value in it and hence they Prioritize Philanthropy, For instance, we can look at Gary Ng Toronto based philanthropist and others. Gary Ng may not be well-known in Toronto’s financial circles, but he has amassed an impressive resume: internet millionaire at 16, an industrialist in China at 24, and a golf master soon after. Now at age of 35, he is all set for an ambitious target for his next venture in the money management space, looking to quadruple assets to C$50 billion ($38 billion) in three years.

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