3 Popular Ingredients in Beauty Products


We know how essential it is to build the best skin care routine for you and your skin needs. Skincare plays a huge role in our lives, and we’re always on the hunt for products with star ingredients.

There’s always a lot to consider when you’re looking for the perfect products: your personal skin tone and complexion (including factors such as dark spots, discoloration, or uneven skin tone), sun protection (sunscreen is an absolute must-have!), breakouts (acne, blackheads, and other blemishes) … the list goes on and on.

To help solidify your skin care shopping list, it’s a good idea to have an ingredient list in mind. That way, you’ll know what to look for instead of being overwhelmed by the plentiful products on the market.

Here are a few key ingredients that you should be adding to your ingredient list:

(Disclaimer: Before you try any of the following ingredients, we recommend you speak with a dermatologist first. A dermatologist will have a better understanding of what your respective skin type is (such as sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, etc.) and will be able to give specific recommendations.)


If you’ve never heard of this star ingredient, you’re in for a treat. Retinol is a vitamin (Vitamin A, to be specific) that is one of the most popular active ingredients in skincare products. This is largely due to Retinol’s collagen production, which helps improve any signs of aging (such as appearance of wrinkles and appearance of fine lines).

Additionally, more benefits of retinol include regulating the production of oil for your skin, smoothing your skin’s texture, and increasing cell turnover. A great moisturizer with retinol to try out is available at Rahda Beauty, a skincare company that sources the best soothing ingredients that support healthy, clean skin.

(Disclaimer: To avoid any harsh side effects when using retinol products, be sure to avoid using it with Vitamin C, toners, or scrubs. This will help prevent irritation to your skin.)

Hemp Oil

Honestly, is there anything that hemp can’t do?

Hemp oil, short for hemp seed oil, is derived from crushed hemp seeds. Often used in combination with CBD oil, hemp is known to have several benefits such as promoting relaxation, helping to relieve stress, and aiding in better sleep.

Additionally, hemp also provides benefits for skincare. This oil is ideal to use on your skin for plenty of reasons:

  • It helps to reduce inflammation, irritants, and redness.
  • As a humectant, it attracts moisture to your skin while also locking in hydration (all without clogging your pores).
  • Full of antioxidants, it helps protects your skin against aging effects, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Naternal, a CBD company with a variety of products, has an excellent broad spectrum hemp oil to check out. Naternal is a company that believes you get to dictate what dosage you’re comfortable with, so if you’re a first-time user, this is an ideal brand to start your hemp journey with.

Rosehip Seed Oil

If you’re looking for a light but lovely oil with one heck of an impact, make sure this oil is a part of your ingredient list. Rosehip seed oil improves the circulation in your skin, helps to boost collagen, and calms skin irritation. This is an ingredient that will upgrade your skincare routine drastically.

Staple Products to Include in Your Skin Care Routine

Now that you know which ingredients to look for, it’s important that you round up the essentials you’ll need for your routine. If you’re a beginner, here is the list to start with:

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Toner
  • Serum and/or Face Oil
  • Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Sunscreen

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