20 Most Promising Virtual Team Activities 2021


Virtual team activities work the most promising for my teammates to come together and enjoy a few moments while working from home. But, I guess it should be fully planned and organized as it is completely different than organizing an event in the physical office.

The main goal behind these kinds of activities is to cheer up the morale of team members, change the environment, improving company culture, and employee engagement.

There are many platforms to organize virtual team activities, let us discuss some of them and know how they are helpful.

Skype: Skype is one of the best online communication platforms as it provides free video chat and voice calling globally. More great options are screen sharing and whiteboard tools, in the future you may also have the access to office 365 which would make the online meeting easier and useful.

 Microsoft Teams: It is another useful tool by which we can create a central hub to which every team member can join and do video chat, voice calling, and much more.

House Party: It’s a perfect tool if you want work and entertainment on the same app. House party combines video chat with some popular games like trivia and hands up. It can be downloaded over android, iOS, Mac, or as a chrome extension.

Zoom: Know as the best app for a business meeting for its fully-featured package which includes:

  • Video chat
  • Accessing meeting analytics
  • Call with screen sharing option
  • Recording and documentation of meeting
  • Use of on-screen whiteboard
  1. Google Meet: Google meet is also known as google hangout offers video conferencing for up to 100 participates. More features include screen sharing, screen preview, adjustable layouts, and screen setting, pin and a mute option for members, and integration of Microsoft Office apps.

Trending Virtual Team Activities 2021

  1. Online Office Games: Online office games are specially designed fun games for remote teams to play together and enjoy together with each other. These include quiz competitions, number games, online company bingo, or “can you hear me now?” Approximately, it takes 90 minutes to complete, steps include on-boarding, icebreakers, gaming, challenges, and a little buffer time. 
  1. Organizing Tiny Campfire: Tiny Campfire is the most popular event for celebration between remote teams. It is organized by a senior member who declares a day and time, before which everyone arranges for marshmallows, chocolate, matches, and a tiny tea light campfire.

Afterward, on the camp day, all the team members log in to a secure video conference and lit up the campfire on their work tables. Along with campfire play games and share stories, the whole experience may run for approximately 90 minutes.

  1. Guess the Emoji Board: At the time when emojis first appeared on our keyboards, we were not known of their meanings and where to use them properly. With time and experience, now we know most of them. So, it could be challenging to guess every asked emoji meaning or where to use it.

Join the online challenge and guess the emoji. This game need not be planned, just play when you have a short period free in between work hours.

  1. Typing Speed Race: It is one of the coolest games, not just you enjoy but you also learn. Here your team members can participate in the typing test and can post the score to win. In that way, they learn the remote skill of typing quickly and accurately. It boosts up their energy and makes them confident about their typing skill.
  2. Virtual Dance Party: Dance is an instant action that gives energy, creates interest and also entertains others. To make the energy level high and full participation of the employees this ceremony can be done before starting the meeting to make sure the presence of all the employees.

It can also be a good idea to use this culture as a break between the boring meetings, and I am sure all the employees and colleagues will enjoy this break to their fullest.

Thirdly the virtual dance party can also be done at the end before signing off the meeting to make sure all the people relax in the way.

  1. International Monster Hunter: International Monster Hunter is a 90 minute, fully self-hosted event. Here you can your team have to track down the unusual beast around the world. The game uses unique machines like puzzles and trivia to introduce clues and lead you close to the prize. It is interesting where you have to use your mind with full alert and solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.
  2. Murder in Ancient Egypt: It is like a resolving real murder history case. Your team will hear the story from an expert storyteller and learn about the things that happened in past. Time will be given and clues will be there.
  3. 50 States Challenge: In 50 state challenge you would give your team a map of any country or continent and they have to tell the name of all 50 states.
  4. World Map Challenge: In the world map challenge the player gave most of the country name will win. It not only enhances knowledge but also make interest in the maps and countries.
  5. Blackout Truth or Dare: This game can be played in different ways as all the participants can count 1 to the last team member. And number themself and the host will write all those numbers on the paper and put them in the bowl. The host will pick one slip and the number that came on the paper would get the chance to choose dare or truth. And one of the members will get a chance to put the question.
  6. Act it Out: It is another interesting game to play and all the team members will get a chance to know more about their team members. Here one of the members will be given a move name or actor name to act it out and another team member will get a chance to guess the name. Teams can also be divide into 2.
  7. Virtual Team Building Bingo: Every age group plays Bingo and no harm in playing it. Distribute the cards between team members and award prizes to whoever finishes the game first.
  8. Chubby Bunny: In the game, a team member has to put some marshmallows in the mouth and say the word chubby bunny after a few selected time, the participants have to put another marshmallow in their mouth until 1 person wins.
  9. Icebreaker Questions: At the starting of the team meeting the host will put on a question to the team and one will answer within a few minutes. Just to break the tension in the room.
  10. Two Truth and One Lie: In the team, the host will choose the person and the person will say the 3 sentences, and other team members have to choose which is the lie and which is true.
  11. Spelling Bee: Its kinds of complicated as difficult words will be given to spell and write.
  12. Personality Test: It would be fun as the question would be asked over the personality and It’s kind to be tested for the team and answer the question and discuss it later in the team.
  13. Guided Meditation: It would be amazing to experience such delight and peace for the mind. Call a person who will guide on how to meditate and set a meeting among the team members and give them a surprise.
  14. Five Minute Book Talks: Book readers will love to discuss the book and know about new books and talk about their set of collections within five minutes.
  15. Identify The National Anthem:  One person will prepare the set of national anthem songs on the list and play them and other team members have to guess which nation the anthem belongs to as it’s going to be an interesting and knowledgeful game for the other team members.

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