10 Tips to a Successful Daycare Fundraiser


Daycare fundraisers will never be out of the picture. This is due to the increasing cost of operation on the side of the daycare centers. There are times that due to a small number of enrollees, a daycare center experiences a shortage of funds. Fortunately, fundraisers will help raise funds for your daycare center. Organizing a fundraiser may be simple but failing to have a detailed plan may ruin not just the fundraising event but the name of the daycare center as well. To help you out with your campaign, here are 10 tips for a successful daycare fundraiser.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit www.fundraisingzone.com

Tip No. 1

Be clear about your purpose and goal. Donors are more likely to extend support if they clearly know about your cause. Fundraisers with a clear and definite target can raise a greater percentage of money. Use formal campaigns and provide timeline and budget drafts. Supporters will likely trust your daycare fundraiser if you can give them a detailed plan.

Tip No. 2

Choose the right people for your daycare fundraiser. Studies show that your choice for target supporters will greatly affect the number of donations you can collect. Data shows men are more likely to give out cash donations. Study your community regarding age groups and gender groups.

Tip No. 3

Choose the appropriate promotional tool to use for your daycare fundraiser. The traditional ways of promoting are still applicable. However, you may consider taking advantage of the power of social media and email marketing. Email marketing is still proven effective in lead conversion. Another powerful tool to consider is social media. Social media has been highly used in different fundraisers and is also proven to be profitable.

Tip No. 4

Timing is an important key in launching your daycare fundraiser. One study shows that most donation giving occurs during December. Another study was done using social media and email marketing. The result was, most Americans check their mobile phones first thing in the morning. It is either they check their email or check updates on their social media accounts.

Tip No. 5

Tell more about your daycare fundraiser and make it more personal. Include how important donors are for your cause. Let them feel like they are much needed. Let them feel like they are your superheroes.

Tip No. 6

Nowadays, almost every business creates a website or webpage to establish their brand. As a daycare provider, you might want to consider creating one. A website will be useful especially when you are organizing a daycare fundraiser. Donors are more likely to trust you especially if you have a responsive website.

Tip No. 7

If you already have a website up and running, make sure that it is also mobile-friendly. You see most people, especially younger ones, do their online activities using their smartphones. This way more people will be able to view your daycare fundraiser via mobile phones.

Tip No. 8

Tap your target audience’s emotions. Try your best to connect with them. Inspire them to give more and there is a better chance that they will give extra donations to your daycare fundraiser.

Tip No. 9

Use a fundraising thermometer. This motivates donors to get them to give more to your daycare fundraiser. Give constant updates to your supporters. You may also give updates even after the event. You’ll never know how much more donations would come even after the event.

Tip No. 10

Your daycare fundraiser doesn’t just end on the day of the event. Donors and supporters extended a helping hand to make your daycare fundraiser a success. There is an old saying “It is better to give than to receive”. You had your time of receiving, now it’s your time to give back. Sending everyone a simple thank you note especially the donors proves your integrity and sincerity. If the budget permits, you may also give out some small tokens of appreciation. It may be anything that will remind them that there was once a time that they become part of your daycare fundraiser.

Extra tip…

To further show your honesty and strong moral principles, you can show to all people who supported your daycare fundraiser the fruit of their donations. You can document by taking pictures of where their hard-earned donations went. For example, if your fundraiser is intended for a classroom renovation, then constantly send them updates on how the construction is going. Take pictures of “before and after” and send it to them thru email. You may also use your website or social media accounts to post these updates. By doing this, donors will surely not think twice about supporting your next daycare fundraiser.

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