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One of the most common ailments that affect women is inflammation. Inflammation is usually the swelling and discoloration of a particular area of skin. Most people usually think that it is like a disease that occurs on its own, but this is not true. This thought is caused by the simple fact that most people do not know much about inflammation. Why? Because inflammation is not often taken as a serious matter and thus, people do not usually make more findings about it. It is therefore important that you continue reading this article to find out more about inflammation.

What is inflammation ?

Inflammation is the swelling of a particular area of the skin that can lead to pain and discoloration. It usually occurs when the body encounters toxic substances or harmful bacteria. When inflammation turns chronic, it is best to see a doctor just to be on the safe side of things. So if you have chronic inflammation, don’t waste time and reach out to a renowned gynecologist clinic in Montreal to help out.

The inflammation can turn chronic

This means that inflammation is the process by which the body tries to trap harmful substances. Although inflammation is seen as an ailment, it helps to stop harmful substances from attacking the body. Also, inflammation helps to heal tissue that might have been damaged by harmful substances. Signs of inflammation are usually swelling, pain, tenderness, heat, and discoloration. Sometimes, inflammation can turn chronic and harmful. Such inflammation can lead to fever or skin rash.

Causes of chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation can sometimes occur due to several reasons. Some of these reasons are:

1. Harmful substances

Inflammation normally helps to stop harmful substances from attacking the body. However, this can turn very bad when the harmful substances are stronger than the immune system. This means that very harmful substances, such as industrial chemicals, can cause chronic inflammation. Due to this, chronic inflammation occurs, and it is very dangerous if it is not treated properly.

2. Autoimmune disorder

An autoimmune disorder occurs when the immune system does not function properly. Due to this, it ends up attacking healthy tissue instead of harmful substances. If this goes on for a while, chronic inflammation sets in. This is very bad as both the inflammation and the harmful substances will be able to harm the body.

3. Infections and injuries

Chronic inflammation sometimes sets in when infections or injuries are not treated properly. As a result, the area will swell up and will become very tender. This is why it is best to treat all infections or injuries properly.

How to treat inflammation

Below are some ways in which you can treat inflammation.

1. Supplements

Certain supplements such as vitamin A and D help to stop inflammation. By giving the body the vitamins it needs, inflammation will surely stop. Fish oil supplements also help with inflammation.

2. Steroid injections

A shot of corticosteroid helps to stop inflammation. It goes to the spot and eases the swelling and helps to reduce the pain.

3. Anti-inflammatory injections

This is a very effective way to reduce inflammation. Although it works much slower than the steroid, it also helps to stop inflammation. It should be prescribed to you when you go to the hospital with your inflammation.

Inflammation causes the skin to swell and causes total pain and tenderness. So if you have chronic inflammation, don’t waste time and go to the hospital. Finally, you can reach out to a gynecologist to help out.

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