Why Using a Third-Party Business Filing Service Saves You Time and Money


There’s no denying the fact that California requires business owners to fill out a lot of paperwork to operate legally on a state and local level. Many a business owner has found themselves faced with filling out paperwork for licenses and certificates with no knowledge or insight as to how to properly fill out an application. The risks of a mistake are high as is the need to amend or re-do the application. Turning to a third party that does CA business filings services online eliminates the risks, saves money and enables you to open your doors sooner than later.

Eliminates the Need to Learn As You Go

Starting a business in California is a straightforward process, but in order to open your doors, you have to comply with state laws regarding sales tax certificates and local business licensing requirements. That means filling out applications and answering questions you may have never encountered before. Even experienced business owners can get tripped up by changes to the application that ask for information that was never required in the past. Valuable time gets lost when trying to navigate the application, time that can be better spent building the operation. Instead of doing it yourself, utilize a third-party filing company that does CA business filings services online. They do the work for you, and do it correctly the first time.

Error-Free Paperwork for Faster Approvals

A third party CA business filings services online has the process of filing applications down to a science. They know what kind of information is being requested, the format that the authority is looking for, and how to correctly enter it onto the form. In turn, you have an error-free application submitted on your behalf that gets approved within the standard processing time. There’s no time lost to fixing errors or making corrections and re-submitting the paperwork.

The filing service fills out the application by asking you a series of questions and requesting relevant information that’s needed to fill out the form. You’re given the opportunity to check the application and correct any mistakes before submission. If you’re uncertain or have a question about the process, you can get clarity and answers from the filing service before moving forward with the process.

You Don’t Need a Lawyer

A lawyer is an invaluable ally when it comes to getting your business started, but you might not have enough in your budget to pay for their services. The early days of starting a business can be expensive and money sometimes gets tight. Utilizing a business filing service saves you money while delivering the same quality of work as a law office. It also allows you to start legally operating your business and stay on the right side of California law.

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