Why the Infusion hair extensions are future of hair extensions


The beauty industry was ecstatic about the arrival of hair extensions in the 1980s’ early days, Valentin decided to steer away from the poor quality that the first extensions were and wanted to supply his clients with the hair which was not just beautiful, but also helped to take care of their natural hair.

In the wake of the introduction of poor quality hair products Valentin’s Fusion hair extensions were created. They were designed with his vast expertise in hair and desire to create the finest quality extensions, Fusion hair extensions were made from tiny strips of naturally-grown hair which oozed fluffiness when they were placed on, helping to give a uniform shape and weight. Although he was successful in making extensions that were outstanding in appearance and quality, Valentin had not yet discovered an ingredient that could not only provide an incredibly strong bond for applying Fusion extensions to hair, but does not cause any harm to the natural hair in any way.

As we entered the millennium mark and advancements were made in the cosmetics industry brand new products that were designed to safeguarding our hair was released. Based on these discoveries, Rodolfo Valentin was able to design a brand new version of Fusion hair extensions that utilized an even thinner base and roots that were inserted in the supports. The new design resulted in an extremely flat look that when combined with a brand new protein-rich product, made it possible for the extensions to be connected to natural hair, resulting in more effective results than the initial Fusion hair extensions. After this breakthrough, Valentin renamed this technique Hair Infusion Extensions.

In the wake of the popularity of Valentin’s Infusion additions, other salons were able to reap the benefits of this new method and began advertising their business as a “Hair Infusion Extension Salon’. It is important to note that Hair Infusion Extensions and Fusion Hair Extensions are trademarks exclusive to Rodolfo Valentin and can only be found in Rodolfo Valentin salons located in New York City and Long Island, NY. While some salons might choose to advertise that they offer Hair Infusions, the evidence that they don’t will be apparent by the quality of products you are receiving. It is recognized by the medical profession as the most secure type of hair extensions, Hair Infusion Extensions help to safeguard the natural locks through avoiding the requirement for extreme destructive methods for attachment of extensions to the hair. Attachment techniques like hot glue may, over time, cause the hair to weaken, which can cause the hair to fall off and break with time, which could cause hair loss in certain wearers. The main reason hair Infusion Extensions differ from other extensions is that they don’t need heating or any other harmful method to attach to natural hair. Since the extensions are created with a flat, level surface, every extension can be attached in a manner that prevents naturally strands of hair being pulled. The protein-rich solution utilized to secure Hair Infusion Extensions to wearers’ natural hair, means that the extensions aren’t just reusable, but because when the product is placed on the extensions prior to when they are placed and the hair’s natural hair can grow along by absorbing the extension, ensuring to keep it healthy and strong. This is why Hair Infusion Extensions can be just great to add volume and length to hair, they are ideal for people who suffer from hair loss or loss of hair.

Shari’s Hair extensions are a fantastic method to freshen our appearance and assist us to appear more attractive, but as long as we choose to use only the most effective extensions, they may cost us. Hair Infusion Extensions do not just let us go to the hair salon sporting a new appearance, but they can also aid in the growth of our hair to be healthy, strong and shiny underneath the extensions. New types of hair extensions hit the market each day but none of them can compare to the protection and quality provided by Rodolfo Valentin’s extensions, which help him establish the Hair Infusion Extensions to be the extension of hair to be used in the present and in the future years.


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