Why Online Bill Payment is a Better and Smarter Choice in 2020




It wouldn’t be wrong to say that India is going online. Although many of our financial transactions are still made through cash, digital payments have increased exponentially over the past few years. Governmental directives apart, online transactions have a many advantages than cash transactions, mainly because they create a trail. And in today’s sensitive environment, having a proof of a transaction always helps.

So, here’s a quick look at why paying your utility bills online is a better idea today. And if you are someone who has been transacting through cash since the beginning, these pointers may help you understand why the world’s finances are going digital.

Online Payment Creates a Trail

As noted above, the biggest advantage of online payments is that they leave behind proofs for all transactions. This is not always possible with cash.

For example, when you pay your pipeline gas bill online, you can immediately see a record registered in your bank statement. Such a record is also available in the portal (like Paytm or the Dhani app) that you used to pay.

And when you have a proof of your transaction, you can always depend on it in case of an issue. When you deal with cash, a handmade or printed receipt is the only option which may not always be considered a valid document of proof.

Online Bill Payments Provide Convenience

For 27-year-old campaign manager Mahesh, it is difficult to believe that there are people who still queue up outside their electricity company’s office to pay their monthly bills. As someone who has been paying his bills online at the comfort of his home, Mahesh cannot understand why anyone would choose to do it physically when the online payment provides so many advantages. Some of them are:

  • Bills can be paid anytime, anywhere
  • It does not require more than a few minutes to successfully pay a bill amount
  • No need to stand in serpentine queues for hours
  • No need to adjust your schedule with their office timings

The advantages of online bill payments are plenty. But then there are more benefits for people who do regular online payments. Such as cashbacks on every transaction.

Availability of Discounts, Offers, and Cashbacks

Most users who prefer online bill payments over the traditional method claim that exciting offers and discounts are what attracted them in the first place. 

For example, when you pay online you get anywhere around 5% and upwards of cashback. You get the cashback if your transaction qualifies for the offer. For electricity and gas bills which are usually higher than mobile recharges, you have a chance of gaining cashbacks on every transaction.

When you do this on a monthly basis, the returns through these apps are plenty. In theory, if you get such cashbacks every month, by the end of a year you will have enough credits to pay without charging your bank account or card. 

Such offers are rolled out frequently by apps such as Indiabulls Dhani where you can pay all your bills and receive attractive discounts. Another great feature of the Dhani app is Dhani Points which is a fabulous loyalty program which you can make use of if you are a personal loan applicant with Dhani. In the program, you can earn points through every transaction and encash these points to buy more services or make transactions. Provided you pay your EMIs on time through the app.

This is definitely one more reason to try out online bill payments even as the country goes digital to a much safer environment.

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