Why Mobile-first Indexing is Important for SEO Benefit


Mobile-first indexing is one of the recent changes that came into being in the world of SEO, and ever since Google announced it, it has taken the system by storm. Making every website more mobile-friendly is not an easy task, but it is important for SEO. Hire the right SEO services and perfectly understand mobile-first indexing. 

What is mobile-first indexing?

Google has been trying for a long time to make browsing or using the internet more mobile-friendly as that is where the majority of the audience is. Google launched the mobile-first index in 2017, which led to most websites building a website specifically for mobile devices from scratch. 

These new and transformed websites are completely mobile-friendly, and their priority is to serve the mobile audience. Websites can no longer have the same index for mobiles and computers, and this change has led to mobile indexing being a major part of SEO. When you hire the top Digital Marketing Services, you can be assured that mobile-first indexing of your website will be taken as a top priority. 

Google’s announcement

The main reason why people choose SEO is to make their websites more compatible with search engines like Google and to boost their position on the search results page. That leads to websites having to follow all the guidelines set by Google to boost their rankings. So naturally, when Google announced that they would be paying more attention to mobile indexing, which would be the new and more important part of SEO, all the websites had to follow the decision. So, it is recommended that if you are not professional web developer, you should hire website design company. They will make your website’s look aesthetic and seo-friendly.

Google has come up with programs or smartphone bots that would visit your website and make sure that it is mobile friendly and evaluate if an average user has a pleasant and smooth experience on the website whenever they log on with a smartphone. However, their guidelines have become stricter, and it is not easy to get a high ranking because of the mobile index; your website needs to be optimized to perfection for mobile phones. 

It is the future

Although you might not feel a major difference about mobile indexing now, things are becoming more evident, by the way. Websites that do not have well-optimized mobile indexing will soon begin to lose their website rankings, and you will lose your visibility soon. The majority of the population uses their mobile phone on the go to use the internet. 

It is natural for them not to come back to your website if you do not give them a good mobile experience, which Google is trying to enforce mobile indexing. The sooner that you do it, the easier it will be for you in the future to retain your current customer base and sustain your growth. 

Different ranking systems

With the new changes coming in, both the mobile and desktop versions of your website will be ranked. The catch is if you have a mobile indexed website, everything is good for you; however, if you do not have a mobile website, you would be ranked based on your desktop website, which will not be mobile-friendly and would give you a very low score on your mobile website. 

This brings down your overall website score, decreasing your rankings, negatively affecting your visibility, and everything goes downhill. So why risk your website and business when you can continue to grow and benefit from SEO by getting your website optimized for mobile phones. 

The better experience you can give to your mobile users, the better it is for the website. Mobile users form the majority of any website’s audience, and they should be your primary target.

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