Why is education for a girl child important? 


Education is the way of learning and gaining new skills, acquisition of knowledge and experiences, which help them, lead a good life and contribute to society’s development. The main purpose of education is the round development of individuals. It aims to develop the student’s skill, and also it develops their personality to become socially responsible citizens. A girl child is often seen as a liability. Many girls are not sent to school in fear of many problems and kept at home only to be married early. The young girl is denied an excellent education, quality healthcare, employment opportunities and equal rights that a boy easily gets. You must understand the importance of a girl child education. Here is some importance of girl child education:

Economic growth

Educating a girl increases productivity and contributes to economic growth. Women are not in the formal job market as much as men, but many studies show economic benefits if they are allowed to join the labour force. A girl child with a better education can get a better job with higher wages and address gender imbalances in the labour force. Increased levels of education for girl child in India have a greater positive impact on women’s wages.

Child marriages

This situation is problematic for society. If a girl has a better education, they are less likely to be married as children and have opportunities for a healthier and more prosperous life for themselves and their families. Providing a high-quality education is a great solution for preventing child marriages and improving the lives of the women who are all married. Across 18 to 20 democratic countries are ready to take steps towards female education for reducing child marriages.  

Family problems

Educating a girl child is the best solution to solve any problems in their lives. They can commit and can solve the issues of family. In rural areas, they imagine that it is not very important to educate a girl child. The education of a girl child will empower them, which makes the community stronger and more developed.

Ability to solve the societal problems

When a girl goes to school, they grow into women who have more say over their lives and have an increased sense of worth and capabilities. They are less likely to be subjected to domestic violence and participate more in decision making in households. Even education can help women gain the skills needed to take on leadership roles at local and national levels. Education allows a girl to step out of their houses and participate in the decision-making process, discussions, and political assemblies. Many NGO have helped to make a slight difference in the literacy rate. Also, you can sponsor a girl child to improve their educational background. When girls are educated, they can focus on their future and serve society in many ways by practising.

Final thoughts

These are the required benefits and importance to educate a girl child. The government has been making persistent efforts to raise the status of the girl child in society as well as incentivize her education through various schemes and programs.

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