Why Choose Diamond Whitening Toothpaste?  


Everyone wants whiter, stronger, healthier teeth that give them confidence and an unforgettable gleaming smile. 

But how can you achieve this kind of transformation at home, without the use of harsh chemicals or serious dental treatments performed by trained specialists?

ICY Bear Diamond Dust Whitening Toothpaste  is an exciting new development in tooth care maintenance. But why exactly is it such a revolution – and why should you make the switch the next time you’re looking for toothpaste?

In this article, we explain just a few of the reasons why you should give ICY Bear’s flagship product a try. We promise, once you’ve started brushing with our Diamond Whitening Toothpaste, you won’t want to go back!

  1. It’s Natural and Gentle

Many tooth whitening products can cause discomfort in those with sensitive teeth or gums.

ICY Bear’s diamond toothpaste is totally sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) free, which means that you won’t suffer with irritation or sensitivity when using it.

We’re dedicated to using natural, vegan, cruelty-free products that work without the need for harsh chemicals.

That means you can use it while pregnant, breastfeeding or after having previous dental work.

  1. It’s Highly Effective

Our diamond whitening toothpaste gets its name from the very fine diamond dust that it contains. This helps to clean stains from the tooth’s surface without too much abrasiveness.  

Your teeth will be gently restored to their natural whiteness, just by brushing as normal every day – making our toothpaste the perfect solution for busy people who still want to look and feel amazing.

  1. It’s Long-Lasting

ICY Bear dental’s diamond white toothpaste formula isn’t just about surface-level aesthetics – it also includes specially formulated stain-inhibitors and strengthening properties to genuinely improve the health of your teeth and protect against cavities.

This means that not only will it clean your teeth until they shine beautifully, but the toothpaste will also add to your mouth’s natural defences and make it much more difficult for your smile to become discoloured or flawed again in the future.

It will also strengthen your tooth enamel and protect against cavities, keeping your mouth in perfect condition.

  1. It Was Developed by Experts

ICY Bear Diamond Whitening toothpaste was created by dentist to the stars and Real Housewives of Cheshire regular, Dr Hanna Kinsella.

A graduate of the Liverpool Dental School and a member of the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons with a Masters in prosthodontics, as well as expertise in a range of other dental and beauty treatments, Dr Kinsella understands the importance of a beautiful, healthy smile.

Where Can I Find ICY Bear Diamond Whitening Toothpaste?

Selected dental practitioners around the country stock ICY Bear Dental products. Contact your local dental surgery to see if they are one of our stockists!

Otherwise, it’s super easy to get hold of ICY Bear Diamond Whitening Toothpaste on the brand’s website. Just visit the online shop, select everything you need and check out securely!

As well as our Diamond Whitening Toothpaste, you’ll also be able to purchase ICY Bear’s Whitening Strips online too.

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