Where to Place Your 300-Gallon Water Storage Tank?


Did you just buy a 300-gallon water storage tank and are now wondering where to place it? You have come to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss some key factors that will help you determine precisely where you should place your water tank.

Below is a list of six common factors you should consider when finding a spot for your 300-gallon water storage tank:

Building Codes

Before you start strolling in your house to look for the perfect place to place your water tank, refer to your building codes. While building codes can vary from state to state, water tanks should typically not be constructed on/adjacent to a property line. Ideally, they have to be located at least 10’ away from the property lines. To prevent the breach of rules, do not forget to go through the building codes.

Property Specifications

Even before you head out to buy a water tank for your household, you should consider the dimensions of your house. You should know how much space you have in your house and what your daily water consumption is. Based on this information, you will be able to invest in the right water tank. You will also not have to struggle to fit a bigger tank in a cramped space. Additionally, once you know how much space you have, you will get to know whether to invest in an above-ground water storage tank or an underground tank.

Water Pressure

Another critical thing to consider is how the water will be pressurized to reach your taps and meet your needs. There are two methods that you can rely on: natural or artificial.

Under the natural method, gravity will do all the work for you. If you go with this method, you will have to place your water tank higher than the house, and the water will reach your taps through gravity. Your tank would be a little farther from your home in this method, and you will have to invest in piping and trenching. The ideal elevation measurement is 80 feet; this will fulfill all your needs as the pressure would be appropriate.

Secondly, you can install a booster pump to generate pressure and meet the water needs artificially. If you plan to go with this method, there are a few options as to where you can place the water tank. Regardless of where you place the tank, the pump would have to be in proximity to it.

Access to the Tank Site

Another possible consideration is access to the desired location. Yes, you can place your water tank wherever you want to, but access to your proposed location will be a major deciding factor. Accessing the location where you want the tank to be placed might need the helping hand of the professionals, engineering, logistics, and specialized equipment. If we calculate the costs, this can be a costly affair. Therefore, people prefer sites that are easier to access—they have already spent a small fortune on purchasing the tank, so they do not prefer spending more just to place it.


Another common factor that will determine the location of your tank is the distance from the tank site to where the water would be needed, from the electrical supply, and from the well or spring that you will use to fill your 300-gallon water storage tank. The key here is to minimize all these three distances as this will help reduce the amount of trenching, pipeline, and conduits. Along with this, minimizing the distance will not only boost the convenience but also decrease the expenses. Lastly, you will also have to consider the terrain between these distances—the trenching costs would be higher if the ground is rocky.


Last but certainly not least! Once you are done checking all these technical factors, you have to think about the visual appeal of the tank as well. If you want to conceal your water storage tank entirely, you should install it either in your garage or some other storage area. Alternatively, you can also opt for an underground tank. If you do not want your neighbor to fight for obstructing their scenic view, then you should invest in a fat, short tank that easily hides behind your fence rather than a tall one.

Your water storage tank’s location matters; keeping the water tank at the right place will enhance its durability and performance. Carefully read the six factors mentioned above and keep them in mind before finalizing the location of your water storage tank.

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