Where can I get the best internet deals?


As more and more internet providers enter the broadband landscape, it has become difficult to choose the right one for your home or office. All of these providers offer similar features. However, getting the one that provides all the features as advertised can be a tricky business. For an average consumer, download speed is something that matters the most. If you are a gamer, you might get into the details and take factors like ping rates, lag, or latency into account.

No matter what is your internet usage, we all love good internet deals. A plan that has just the right speed for you and comes within budget, something that we all look for. With so many options, it is difficult to choose the right deal.

Therefore, we came up with a list of the best internet deals you can get for your home. This will save you time and help you make your decision faster. The list includes deals from all providers may it be cable, fiber, satellite, or DSL. However, we recommend getting fiber and cable for better reliability.

Top internet deals

Here are some of the top internet deals to get right now:

Spectrum Cable

Spectrum is a top cable provider in America with services in more than 42 states. Therefore, it is readily available and a common choice for many consumers. Spectrum has an extensive coaxial cable network with advanced technology delivering high-speed internet throughout its footprint. Spectrum has many internet deals. You can get a standalone plan or bundle it with a TV. However, we recommend getting Spectrum Double Play Silver. The download speeds start from 100 Mbps and go as high as 940 Mbps.

The standalone internet plan costs $49.99 per month. The internet modem is free and included in the plan. There are no fixed data caps. No Spectrum plans require you to sign any contract.

If you bundle the internet and Silver cable plan, the package starts at $119.98 per month. The TV service includes more than 170 channels including premium channels like HBO and Showtime.


Mediacom is another great cable provider that has extensive services. Mediacom has great deals on the internet. If you are into online gaming and 4K streaming, Mediacom has up to 1 Gigabit download speed for you. On the brighter side, the 1-gigabit plan starts at $79.99 per month. This price doesn’t include the installation, activation, and charges for the equipment. A powerful in-home Wi-Fi that eliminates all the dead zones with constant coverage delivers the speeds. To make your network extra secure, Mediacom offers free security suite as well. You can get the base plan for the internet as well. Just like Spectrum, it starts at $49.99 per month. There is a data limit but the plans offered have enough data to navigate through the month. However, in case there is an issue with the connection, Mediacom support is there to get everything up and running.

AT&T Internet 1000

AT&T has extensive coverage in the United States. If you are looking for a great high-speed internet deal, Internet 1000 is a plan that you should get. It has unlimited monthly data. The deal comes with an advanced in-home Wi-Fi system that has complete network security. There are no contracts and you do not have to worry about any service termination charges even if you decide to cancel the subscription. The plan has limited availability. However, at just $60 per month, you can get download speeds up to 1000 Mbps. This connection is through fiber. Fiber internet is the most reliable form of the internet. The data is transferred with the help of fiber optics and speeds are consistent.

COX Ultimate Internet

Another great deal you can get on the internet is through Cox. The COX Ultimate Internet plan has a download speed of 500 Mbps. This is the ultra-fast speed ideal for online gaming and streaming. You can connect multiple devices at a time without having to worry about connection issues. The upload speed is up to 30 Mbps. The plan starts at $79.99 per month. You get COX panoramic Wi-Fi that eliminates the dead zones by design.

Moreover, if you want to save, you can get a plan for just $39.99 as well.

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