When to Fertilise Your Lawn?


Over the recent years, fertilisers and fertilising have received and suffered quite bad a reputation- through little fault of their own. The problem in most cases, as in this one too, does not lie and the product, but in its application. One fact that every lawn owner needs to understand is that there is a certain procedure that you must follow if you want to apply fertilisers to the soil of your land. Even though there are lawn maintenance services that could help you out to take proper care of your soil, it is always a smart move to educate yourself about something that you might not know. That is why we are here to simplify things for you.

When to fertilise your soil?

The process of fertilisation does not only depend on the kind of fertiliser that you ought to buy. The time of the year when you must apply the fertiliser is also a very important aspect of the entire procedure.

For instance, if you have warm-season grasses on your lawn, early summer or the late spring would be an ideal time for you to apply the fertilisers to your soil. The trick here is to time the time of fertilising your soil at a time when the grass is just about to enter the peak of its growing phase. Similarly, if you have all-season grasses installed in your lawn, early fall would be the perfect timing to put the fertiliser in the soil.

How to put the fertiliser in your soil?

The way you add your fertiliser to the soil of your lawn, is much trickier than you would think. There are two broad options that you can choose from regarding how you spread the fertiliser.

You can either use a drop spreader or you can use a handheld broadcast spreader. The difference between them is slight but affects the outcomes in two different ways. A handheld broadcast spreader would be a better option for smaller coverages. However, a drop spreader would help you to evenly distribute the amount of fertiliser that your entire lawn gets. You can also overlap the rounds to make sure that enough amount of fertiliser has been added to the soil.

Maintaining a lawn is not a piece of cake. However, you can always contact and ask for necessary guidance from any lawn care company near you.

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