What to Expect Once New Jersey Tanning Salons and Personal Care Studios Reopen


As COVID-19 shut down almost all businesses across the USA, life came to a standstill as everyone needed to stay at home. People only went out when necessary, such as for groceries and purchasing medications or other essentials. Malls, stores, coffee shops, gyms, spas, and almost every other establishment temporarily closed and cannot offer their services. After nearly three months of being at a halt, hair salons and other personal care salons are set to reopen. With all the people excited to go back to their care routines of hair cuts, hair colors, and even spray tanning, the government made sure to set guidelines for all salons and customers to keep safe during the pandemic. Below are the important things to remember and take note as the industry reopens:

By appointment only. Some salons in the past have accepted walk-in clients, but with the “new normal,” all salons are required to strictly adhere to accepting patrons by appointment only.

A restricted number of clients at any given time inside the salon. Only the booked clients and the service providers must be inside and even this has a limited number to ensure that physical distancing is being followed.

Strict appointment times. Because salons are required to disinfect before and after a client, they must have ample time to complete this before the next client comes in. This makes all appointments very strict and must be followed to ensure that proper disinfection can be completed and that the next client’s schedule will not be affected especially since everyone is still encouraged to stay at home and only be outside for as short a time as possible.

Health screening for both customers and staff. 24 hours before the appointment, customers are required to report whether they have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 for the last 72 hours or were exposed to a suspected individual or a confirmed individual in the last 14 days. The same goes for any staff and will not be permitted entry to the salons.

Temperature checks. Clients and staff are required to submit to a temperature check before entering the studio and anyone with a reading of over 100.4 will not be allowed to enter.

Face masks or coverings. All clients and staff are to wear a mask or a face cover at all times except when the service involves the face and mouth area but must put this back on again once finished.

While these rules may sound restrictive, keep in mind that they are there to ensure the health and safety of everyone entering the premises. As the pandemic seems to be far from over and vaccination is still not possible, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep themselves and other people safe.

If you are excited to visit your favorite tanning salon in New Jersey, remember to take a look at the guidelines so you are better informed and better protected as well. Before getting the best spray tan in NJ, ensure that you are healthy and that you are complying with the safety measures to have quality service while also being a responsible individual. Please visit here to know more: http://www.endlesssun-nj.com/services/overall-tanning

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