What TEFL Course is best to do?


If you want to train to teach English either to overseas students or to non-English speakers in the UK, the best first step is to take a TEFL course.

“TEFL” stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and has long been a popular resource for individuals who plan to work overseas – either permanently or as a means to fund long-term travel – as well as those wishing to enhance their general employability as a teacher.

TEFL UK offers a range of options, allowing you to take your TEFL course online or as a combination of online and in-person (practicum) teacher training.

So, if you’re thinking about taking a TEFL course, the natural first question is: which option is best for me? In this article, we reveal the key questions you should ask yourself about each available TEFL course.

Is it Widely Accepted as a Qualification?

The TEFL course you choose will be useless if your dream employer doesn’t recognise it. This means it is vital that you only consider accredited TEFL courses.

Fortunately, all courses provided by TEFL UK are accredited by Accreditat, an industry leading TEFL / TESOL, Education and Training Provider regulator which is internationally recognised.

 Does it Fit Your Availability?

The majority of TEFL students need to work to support themselves while taking their TEFL course online or in person.

TEFL UK offer a wide range of course lengths and arrangements to suit individuals of all requirements, including:

  • 120 Hour TEFL courses (Professional)
  • 140 Hour TEFL courses (Combined: includes 20 hour in class online teaching practicum)
  • 150 Hour TEFL courses (Advanced)
  • 170 Hour TEFL courses (Combined: includes 20 hour in class teaching practicum)
  • 220 Hour TEFL courses (Specialist: includes areas such as “Young Learners, Exam Classes and Business English”.)
  • 240 Hour TEFL courses (Combined: includes 20 hour in class teaching practicum)

You can take the 120 hour TEFL course online with no requirement for in-person teaching. This is also the case with the 150 hour advanced option. Courses can be completed in your own time according to your unique schedule.

Does it tie in With Your Goals?

The different TEFL courses available from TEFL UK are suited to a range of different goals. For example, if you wish to work with adults and those seeking employment in the UK – or to set up your own teaching business – you may prefer the 70 hour Teaching Business English Course.

Alternatively, the 220 hour specialist TEFL course allows you to learn a series of defined practices in which you may choose to specialise, including the teaching of younger pupils, approaches to exam classes and, again, the teaching of business English.

Does it Work with Your Budget?

Of course, it is important that you can afford the fees of each course. Fortunately, there is a wide range of options available that will enable you to find a course that suits your budget perfectly.

Once you have considered each course with the above four questions in mind, you’ll be in the perfect position to make your choice. The expert teachers at TEFL UK will be on hand to support and advise you throughout your experience.

Contact us today to find out more about your options and to receive extra guidance.

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