What is the value of Investigative Journalism?


People often confuse themselves between ordinary journalism and investigative journalism. But in reality, investigative journalism is more valuable and informative than ordinary journalism. Investigative reporters play a vital role in saving the nation. They deliver adequate news significant for the vast people. They are the protector of people from wicked people.

Investigative journalist finds out what is right and what is wrong after doing a due analysis. They make persistant efforts to find out the authenticity of a topic. They pour out their heart and soul. They work for the whole day and night to come up with a genuine result which is very beneficial for the community.

We all know a piece of news that is good for a community will be worst for the wrongdoing community, but overall it will be helpful for the nation. Thus, we should not misjudge and ignore the efforts of investigating team and reporters. There reward is the smile on the face of millions of people. You never know who is doing wrong with you, but because of this reporter’s true colors of many individuals, institutions, and/or politicians come in front of people.

Canadians journalists like Adrienne Arsenault and Eric Malling are some of the great journalist, who worked for the welfare of society and choose the path of truth. Eric Malling has set an example in Canada, of a prominent journalist. Many reporters get frightened because of the misdeed of the criminal or wrongdoers, but some come out as a hero and protect their country.

It takes so many days of research to cater to the depth of information, we should not overlook the hard work and dedication of such investigators. They are similar to ‘God’, who secure the life of human beings.

Their effortless dedication provides us with the right information. Investigative journalism should be encouraged. They need to carry out many research work from humans and documents to reach to the depth of a news. They don’t randomly come up with any news or information, this makes them different and unique from ordinary journalism.

The value of investigative journalism is felt when they come up with information of which no individual has ever dreamt of. Investigative journalist attains truth about people from government and other organizations to expose the illegal activities performed by the companies which are kept secret. Their main purpose is to expose such people so that those involved can be held accountable for.

Investigative journalism exposes the corruption, violations, exploitations, and illegal practices performed by some individuals to harm the public and society. They do dis in a more comprehensive way than regular journalism who just publish the news or information on the basis of points collected from people. Investigative journalists verify each content. They bring to our attention the things that really matter and are poisonous for the community. Their main function is to reveal the truth, wrong-doing, and unfair practices taking place in society. It is necessary to make people aware of the individuals who are not following the laws, rules and regulations.

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