What Is Pier And Beam Foundation?


It refers to a particular foundation that is constructed with a pier and beams. In order to make a solid structure and stabilize the construction, piers are attached with the beams below the soil. Pier helps to connect the beams and transfer the loads in the beam structure. It is a traditional foundation process that helps to consolidate the construction and protect the ground floor from rainwater.

With the advent of new foundation technology, constructors now use different materials to build residential and commercial projects. The best part of the foundation process is it is waterproof and offers better durability.

Constructing pier and beam foundation 

The process of the foundation should be enacted very carefully. The pillars of the foundation should be in parallel length, and experts should observe the settlement. Uneven settlement can lead to cracks and disputes shortly.

The ultimate steps of the foundation are listed below:

  1.     At first, the engineer recommended digging the ground up and compacting the base. Then, they create a concrete footing for the stable installation of the piers.
  2.     After neat the ground, they sink the pier and make a solid base. Using shuttering and scaffolding technology, they pierce the pier in the ground.
  3.     They join all the piers and make a stable foundation in the next step.
  4.     Spacing is a very critical part of the foundation process. The crawl space generally ranges between 18 inches to 22 inches. The space is used later for electrical wiring and gas chambers.

Costing of the foundation 

The cost of repairing the pier and beam foundation widely depends on the location of the building. The engineer measured the area as sq. ft. in general; the average cost of the foundation is around $9 per sq. ft. After the construction, owners need to repair the foundation every twenty years. The repairing cost is very expensive and requires advanced equipment to remodel the structure.

The average repair cost ranges from $11 to $13. However, it depends on the vendor and its experience.

Advantages of pier & beam foundation 

Many homeowners often hesitate to adopt this foundation process for its high maintenance. However, the advantages are truly mind-blogging:

  •       The foundation offers flexibility and mobility. Hence, it is not permanent. Owners can change the direction in the future.
  •       The engineer lifts the house using a hydraulic machine during the repairing process and processes and settles the piers and beam.
  •       In general, the pier and beam construction is made up of wood. Therefore, they are easy to transport.
  •       In addition, it prevents the superstructure from excess hydration and moisture.
  •       Owners can redecorate the appearance of the foundation at their convenience. Moreover, they can easily install electricity and water pipes.


The process of pier and beam construction is indeed very critical. In many cases, the foundation cannot take the heavy load of the superstructure. Hence, it is imperative to construct a solid base before starting with the other part. Moreover, the connection should be stronger to carry out the heavy loads. On the other hand, uneven loading on the beam can be dangerous. Hence, homeowners should find a reliable and efficient constructor.

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