What is IPSC – Practical Shooting Training


IPSC is an acronym referring to the International Practical Shooting Confederation or International Confederation of Practical Shooting, the international organization that governs all the rules of Practical Shooting

It is a shooting modality, which brings together several modalities, which include short weapons, rifles, shotguns and even compressed air.

Practical shooting or IPSC competitions are organized taking into account the Motto of the practice: Precision, Strength and Speed.

What about practical shooting

The practice of the sport of Practical Shooting is one of the most dynamic when we are talking about sports shooting. Unlike traditional shooting sports (precision shooting), those who practice Practical Shooting use short weapons, such as pistols and revolvers, or even long weapons, such as shotguns, carbines and levels in addition to AR 10 magazine speed loader. In the practice of the sport, snipers try to hit a variety of shooting targets while moving safely and with scenarios that require the maximum of their technical and physical skill.

The practical shooting sport is considered modern and combines precision, speed and power. It requires physical and psychological preparation from its practitioners, which contributes to personal development and responsible living with our society.

The competitor’s goal is to combine less time with precision to solve big challenges at each stage of the track. The sniper must shoot at different types of targets, metals, furniture, plates and much more in different places.

Gauges most used in practice

Among the short weapons, the most popular are: revolvers (Revolver Division), single-pistol pistols (Limited Division), caliber 9 mm and .40 and double-acting (Production Division), already in simple action of .40 and .45 caliber (Standard Division) and also in the .38 Super Caliber (Open Division).

The Benefits that practical shooting can provide

Analytical skills development

We know that to be a professional who deals with stress and the safety of the population on a daily basis, it is necessary that the analytical skills are well developed, so the individual will be trained to make the right decisions at times that require quick attitudes.

Even for those who practice the sport only for personal development, the improvement of such skills is notorious. Being analytical collaborates so that the professional sees tasks in a broad way, that delivers excellent results for your company and so that he is always ahead of what is expected, that is, above average.

Sports shooting contributes to the physical, mental and professional development of those who practice it, training people with excellent performance.

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