What is an Electro-Mechanical Assembly?



Over time, technology has grown, and the introduction of different inventions has been of great assistance to the overall functionality of machines and gadgets. So what does an electro-mechanical assembly involve? To put it in simpler words, it is the putting together of small, delicate, and intricate mechanical parts that require close coordination, good eyesight, and focus. The process is through fixing, welding, and soldering that should involve safety apparatus such as goggles, earplugs, and gloves to come up with finished products. The assembly methods used are bench, focused, and line cell assembly.

HELTRONICS is well-known for its inventions that mostly serve Original Equipment Manufacturer and Emergency Medical Services companies to meet their individual needs. The artistry of HELTRONICS is of the highest standards that ensure the manufacture of high-quality assemblies. Our signature products include a controller apparatus, power supplies, subassemblies, and final assemblies. Others are faceplate assemblies, electromedical diagnostic apparatus, and electrotherapeutic apparatus.

The Purpose of Electro-Mechanical Assembly

There are a bunch of purposes that an electro-mechanical assembly is responsible for. The main ones include the utilization of mechanical and electrical components to effectively perform tasks such as controlling different systems, performing mechanical tasks enhanced by power, and generating power. Electro-mechanical devices offer a variety of assembly services that cover sectors such as engineering, testing procedures, production operations, and procurement.


Although the introduction of integrated electronic circuits has taken the front stage in the market, electro-mechanical assemblies are still the real deal in terms of performance. They usually are left out due to the amount of labor, time, effort, and knowledge used to come up with the devices since most of the pieces are put together by hand. However, the work put together is very significant as the products surpass the limitations of integrated electronic circuits. The main benefits of these devices and the advantages over the latter include handling a lot of currents, which makes them more ideal for heavy-duty jobs in large projects. Unlike the integrated electronic circuits, and electro-mechanical assembly can obtain and maintain high voltage and low noise during usage. Moreover, you can customize these assemblies since their parts are easily fabricated.


The electro-mechanical assemblies are mechanical components meant to operate as a unit to execute any complex electrical task. They give pathways for signal and power that flows from a single assembly to the rest in the same unit. They are used in boats, aircraft, tanks, and missiles by the military, in cars and electrical signs for traffic safety, law enforcement, and air conditioning units.

Why You Should Choose HELTRONICS

We are the leading producers of electro-mechanical assemblies and have a good track record with our clients. Not only do we offer products of high quality, but we also assist our buyers in choosing the best products that’ll meet their electro-mechanical needs. We also do facilitate assembly integration into already existing devices and systems, and we source our components from recognized brands within the industry. We also ensure that we deliver our products to the customer a soon as possible and still maintain the quality, durability, and efficiency of our products.



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