What is a Taser?


Axon Enterprise, previously called Taser International, makes amongst the most prominent brand of stun weapons, the Taser. The name “Taser” has come to be associated with the stun weapon, high as “Band-Aid” is made use of as a catchall term for adhesive tapes.

Stun guns, which have been used by police for decades, can briefly incapacitate a person, consider someone who is combative or standing up to arrest, as an example, by shaking them with 50,000 volts of electricity.

A discharge also referred to as a “cycle,” can last five seconds. The shock can cause pain that has been described as severe. Your muscular tissues freeze up, and down you go.

The manufacturers of the Taser generated the product name as a phrase loosely derived from a 1911 book.

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How do they function?

The tool can be utilized from a distance or in “drive mode,” in which the charge is driven straight into an individual’s body at close quarters.

When a Taser is fired from a range, darts or prongs attached by cords are released at an individual. In those situations, Tasers are having a trustworthy range of almost 10 feet, yet after that, their performance in hitting a target becomes spotty.

Why were they established?

Tasers are a course of “less than lethal” tools created for “midrange choices” for police officers. Prior to Tasers, police officers’ choices went to the extremes, depending on verbal commands or using dangerous force with a weapon.

Are they effective?


The devices conserve lives and prevent injuries.

The objective is to secure life and prioritize safety most importantly. Taser tools are not fully free, yet they are safer than batons, takedowns, fists, takes on, as well as impact munitions.

The company, which claimed it had sold roughly 700,000 Tasers to public security specialists worldwide, estimated that greater than 234,000 people had been saved from fatality or significant injury because an officer used a Taser tool to de-escalate the scenario.

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