What does a pre-owned watch mean?


There are some things that are better purchased as pre-owned instead of paying full retail prices such as electronics, jewelry, watches, and cars. Why? Because, these are items that often loose over 40% of their value the minute someone purchases them brand new.

While there’s often a notion that someone has less money or a used piece devalues you as a human, that’s simply not true. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing pre-owned or used, instead, it’s actually a smart financial move if you’re looking to save money without losing quality.

For instance, if you purchase a brand-new Rolex, you’re looking to pay anywhere from $20,000 on up for a one brand new. When you purchase a pre-owned Rolex, you’re getting a watch that’s been inspected to ensure authenticity, inspected for any broken prongs or loose stones, and certified as pre-owned which means it’s been put back to the original shape, all for a fraction of the original cost.

What to look for in a certified pre-owned Rolex

With any watch, especially a Rolex, there are certain things you’ll want to look for when you’re reviewing its certified stamp.

Condition – is the watch clean and in a like-new condition? Some may still have a few nicks or scratches but for the most part, these should have been buffed out.

Price – what price is the jeweler selling the piece to you for? If the price is the same as a brand-new one, then you’re not getting a good deal and you should look elsewhere.

Paperwork – does your piece come with paperwork such as what’s been done to the piece, warranties, or manuals? If something comes with the original paperwork or in the original packaging, it’s a bonus to you.

Authentic certificate – does your piece come with an authenticity check and stamp of approval? If not, then don’t purchase as it could be black market.

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