What connects couples for a long time?


How do couples endure with each other for a long time? How can young love bliss grow old? What is part of a good relationship, what drives every love, however great, into the ruin of a partnership? We are addressing these questions here. But be careful: the answers are by no means advice with guaranteed success – we only summarize the results of the investigation and expert statements on relationship happiness and misfortune.

Sometimes people stay together longer if they don’t seem to fit together at all. And sometimes partners with whom everything looks so promising split up faster than one can count to three.

How long and how much two people can be enough, as well as the Hamburg psychology professor asks in his book, Love affairs. People are getting on in years, but partnerships are also aging – where is the loving limit, when do lovers die of boredom, routine, and lack of mutual challenge a couple of psychological death? This pointedly formulated question by writer can hardly be answered in general. After all, it is always related to our individual demands, expectations, and prior loads.

You may wish to stay with your partner forever like at bedpage.. But there is hardly a guarantee. Not a general right or wrong – you can actually do everything very well, but your relationship can go down the drain. Because not only the times change, you and your husband and wife also develop over the years – sometimes together, but often also alone, each for yourself.

Here’s how it works: smell good, maintain beautiful illusions and hold hands in moderation

The pitcher goes to the fountain until it breaks – the saying may sound a little macabre in this context, but it does get to the point. A love relationship lasts until it breaks. You may only be able to control to a limited extent when and how this happens. But you may be able to mitigate the destructive power of different couple events. For example, if you take the following aspects to heart in your partnership:

The scent of long-term love

Do you like to sniff your loved one? Or do you feel a pleasant shiver when you perceive your wife’s scarf on her scarf? Then you can speak of luck – and maybe you can look forward to many more years together.

Think of your partner nicely

Yes, think of the others just nicely, just fluff away his lousy ambiguity and cover up your hip gold – then you will believe in it yourself at some point. With our thinking, we influence our relationship decisively. Whoever speaks everything badly, criticizes, and puts the weaknesses of the other in the foreground, is guaranteed to come off badly and finds his partnership unsatisfactory.

It is up to us whether we want to know how long our current relationship will last and whether we want to rely on a possible prognosis. This question still seems attractive to scientists.

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