What are the Causes and Risks of Periodontitis? 


Periodontitis is a severe disease that can affect the soft tissues and bones of the teeth. If the periodontitis is left untreated, it can lead to loosening of teeth. It is most commonly known as gingivitis, a form of gum disease. It is essential to know that you must protect your teeth from bleeding and swollen gums. 

This article will study the common causes and risks of periodontitis. If you want to know more about it, you can stay with us in this article. However, if you have any dental issues in Hunt Valley, it is highly recommended that you visit a dentist in Hunt Valley, MD, who can help you solve your problems. 

What are the Causes of Periodontitis? 

  • Constant Plaque in your Teeth: A stable plaque in your gum line can lead to significant gum disease. The bacteria in the plaque feed on the starches and sugars in the food that can form some acids and other toxins in the mouth that can affect the teeth and gums. Therefore, you must brush your teeth regularly and floss them properly to save the teeth and gums from plaque. 
  • Plaque bacteria can cause gum inflammation: The bacteria is already available in the mouth, but when we consume more sugary food, it can lead to the formation of acids, ultimately leading to gum inflammation. 
  • Minerals in the Saliva can harden the Plaque and Tartar: Tartar binds our teeth and becomes so hard that it becomes impossible to brush off to remove the tartar. Tartar collects more plaque and thus causes inflammation and other gum issues. If the plaque has formed into a tartar, then you should consult a doctor and seek professional help to solve the gum issue. 
  • Gum issues, if not treated, can take the form of gingivitis and periodontitis: If the gum inflammation increases, it can form pockets, and when it becomes more profound, it is filled with bacteria. If these bacteria are left untreated, it can lead to loss of tissues and soft bones supporting the teeth. Ultimately, it can lead to situations where you may even lose a tooth. 

What are the Risk Factors for Periodontitis? 

  • Poor oral hygiene is one of the most significant risk factors for your gums. The bacteria in the plaque can cause infection of the gums. 
  • Periodontitis progresses much more quickly for smokers, and thus, smoking is another risk factor for periodontitis. 
  • An unhealthy diet contributes to gum issues; therefore, you must rely on healthy diet habits for your teeth. 
  • Clenching of teeth can affect the teeth and can damage the gums; therefore, if any such problems exist, you must consult a doctor and solve them as soon as possible. 

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