What Are the Benefits of Custom Lanyard for Your Business?


Custom lanyards are the ideal ID card accessory to invest in if you’re looking to take your business’ safety, functionality and visual organisation to the next level. Lanyards alone are great for ensuring that your employees’ IDs are always handy without having to be attached to any uniform or outerwear. A custom lanyard takes the convenience of the accessory and adds even more benefits! These benefits include…

Extend your brand identity

By opting for custom printed lanyards you’re immediately investing in extending your brand identity to your local area. Free advertising whilst your employees are on their morning commute, travelling between meetings or on their lunch break has more power than you might think. Your company logo on your staff will raise awareness of your company in your city and encourage curious by-passers to look into your business.

Open up network opportunities

If your company is always going to networking events, business functions or upskilling sessions in your city, custom lanyards will help to open up networking opportunities and conversations regarding your workplace. Advertising your company at professional events will make you look impressive and will encourage networking opportunities with likeminded individuals, businesses or potential new businesses. You’ll stand out from your industry crowd and catch the eyes of those that you’re interested in building exciting relationships with.

Increased visibility

Visibility is key for any business whatever the size, whether you’re a boutique company or global corporation, it’s always valuable. Small and medium businesses will especially benefit from the exposure provided by personalised lanyards. Whether it’s visibility inside of the building that your company is situated in, the coffee shop where your employees frequent or the venues that you choose for your training sessions, it’s going to benefit your brand in the long run.

Encourage customer loyalty

Whether you’re in the business of dealing with clients, customers or consumers, encouraging affinity and loyalty is absolutely essential. A tangible embodiment of your company and your services will remind your customers of the positive experience they had with you and even encourage them to share their sentiment when they’re speaking with their connections, network or social circle. A gifted custom lanyard can be used for keys, travel cards or even their own IDs at their workplace. Make sure your company name can be clearly seen if you’re securing custom lanyards for this particular reason.

Bring a professional touch to your workplace

These days, workplaces are becoming more and more casual. This can mean flexibility in working hours, dress codes and even conduct in some cases. Although this is great for morale and general employee mindset, it can leave a company looking a little scruffy and inconsistent when you take a step back and take in the wider picture. Custom lanyards will create a cohesive, professional look and visually tie your staff together, making your office feel more sophisticated when clients or other meetings come to call.

Encourage new recruitment

Finding new committed and enthusiastic talent can be a very tricky thing to do – you might not think it, but your lanyards can actually encourage the right kind of recruitment to come your way. Your staff are most likely happy, chatty and vibrant whilst they’re taking meetings or out and about, and potential talent might take note of your logo or company name, encouraging them to reach out to in the future. Exciting individuals might have you on their radar or contact you regarding potential employment, making recruiting appropriate personnel so much easier.

Start exploring your options customised lanyards to enjoy these benefits and more!

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