What are the benefits of Bharti AXA Overseas Travel Insurance?


Whether you are taking a trip to enjoy the serene Swiss Alps or the eclectic culture of Japan, unforeseeable circumstances are right around the corner. Your perfect vacation might take you months to plan, but can be disrupted by a simple error or mishap that is not even in your control. This can especially take a toll financially and mentally, when you are in a foreign country. With a simple additional step of buying travel insurance online with your ticket, you can end up saving thousands of dollars that you might otherwise have to spend in an emergency situation abroad.

Bharti AXA International Travel Insurance

To ensure that you can get the peace of mind that you want on your international trip, Bharti AXA provides international travel insurance policies that can be the friend you did not know you needed, while traveling abroad. Based on how right your insurance policy is for your travel itinerary, the benefits of travel insurance far outweigh the cost of premiums that you pay, especially in case of emergencies.

You can choose from the following types of international travel insurance policies:

  1. Schengen Travel Insurance
  2. Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance (Excluding USA/Canada)
  3. Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance (Including USA/Canada)
  4. Asia Travel Insurance

Here are a few benefits that you can avail when you choose any of the aforementioned Bharti AXA international travel insurance policies:

  • Coverage for Medical Expenses and Emergencies

With a Bharti AXA international travel insurance policy, you can get complete coverage for medical expenses, dental treatment expenses, daily allowance in case of hospitalization, personal accident, and even accidental death. During emergencies, this can be a boon and save you expenses amounting to thousands of dollars.

  • Home Fire & Burglary Insurance

While you are away on vacation, the home fire insurance and home burglary insurance cover offered by Bharti AXA under its international travel insurance policy can be one more way of ensuring that your house is protected.

  • Coverage for Loss of checked-in-Baggage and Documents

When you are in a foreign country, losing your passport or travel documents can be a very scary experience and in some cases, quite expensive. The experience of losing your luggage in transit can be equally daunting. Bharti AXA travel insurance policy can be a true companion when such events take place as it offers cover for the charges incurred in acquiring your travel documents or loss of luggage.

  • Coverage for Legal Expenses/Bail Bond

In the unforeseeable event that you run into any kind of trouble while you are traveling to a foreign country, Bharti AXA travel insurance policy offers cover for any legal expenses or bail bond that you might incur in the process.

Considering the various benefits, adding an international travel insurance could be a great way to secure your trip and your peace of mind, while you are away home.

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