What are proper daily cleaning procedures?


There are numerous aspects you need to focus on when cleaning a facility. Starting with what surfaces should be disinfected during the COVID-19 outbreak and ending up with the best cleaning practices, you need to learn several facts about the best procedures. Since we’re here to help you keep your staff and customers safe, we shared next some insights on the proper daily cleaning procedures to follow. Read on to discover how to use industrial cleaning supplies like a professional.

Take Out the Trash Daily

A simple daily cleaning procedure to implement is taking out the trash. However, trash left indoors can gather odor and lead to germs and bacteria spread.

Train your staff concerning this aspect and encourage them to follow an office culture based on a clean space. Ensure there are repercussions for a neglected trash bin so that you keep your facility’s cleaning practices at their best standards.

Use Industrial Cleaning Products Daily

Industrial cleaning products can be used on a daily basis. Make sure you purchase adequate products for frequent usage on frequently touched surfaces.

Stocking up on cleaning products will send the right message to your employees. It is part of a daily cleaning procedure that will create a healthy workplace environment. Some of the cleaning supplies your team should have immediate access to include microfiber cloths, a mop, vacuum cleaner, and detergents for immediate cleaning.

Encourage Your Staff to Clean Their Personal Workspace Daily

Another daily cleaning procedure you must implement is workspace cleaning. Each team member must clean their designated area both at the beginning of the shift and at the end.

Using industrial cleaning products is key during the process. It will help you manage your facility smoothly and keep your staff safe. High-traffic areas and items used by several team members deserve special attention when it comes to cleaning.

Display Visibly the Daily Cleaning Schedule

Your staff will be more inclined to follow daily cleaning procedures if they see a reminder in common areas. Posting signs that reveal the importance of keeping the space clean can do wonders for your facility’s productivity.

Also, ensure it is clear for everyone when professional cleaning services are scheduled. Deep cleaning is a must so that germs and bacteria are kept at a minimum.

Clean High -Touch Surfaces and High-Traffic Area Twice a Day

An essential daily cleaning procedure is to disinfect and clean high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas. Some businesses perform this action in the morning, at lunch, and at the end of the working day. Others choose to perform it twice a day when the shift changes.

No matter your approach, you should always use industrial cleaning products to clean such areas. Handles, bars, desks, or restrooms require special attention.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a clean facility is a must. And with these daily cleaning procedures, you can ensure everyone is safe. Remember that the quality of the industrial cleaning supplies you use is vital for the best results. Purchase items recommended for daily usage to remove germs, bacteria, and viruses smoothly.

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