Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom and the Benefits of Using Berkey Shower Filter


Saving water isn’t as difficult as you imagine. The only reason why you find it difficult is that you’re too lazy to take the right steps. You also don’t see the urgency in saving water since you have easy access to clean water. Other people around the world don’t have the same luxury. They have to travel long distances just to get clean water. In very underserved communities, they have no choice but to drink whatever is available to survive. While you have them in mind, you need to start looking at ways to save water. We live in an interconnected world, and your efforts to save water could help save someone else’s life. You can start by installing the Berkey shower filter.  For more information on Berkey shower filters, visit the official USA Berkey website.

Shower filter helps

You already know that shower filter helps remove contaminants and other chemicals from the water before it reaches you. It includes chlorine which is used to treat dirty water. The problem is that although chlorine helps clean water, it can also pose health risks. When you inhale chlorine, it could cause respiratory issues. Chlorine also makes your skin dry and your hair frizzy. With a shower filter, you don’t need to worry about chlorine. You can also guarantee that you won’t get the microorganisms coming out of the shower. It means that you will spend less time bathing and save water in the process.

Don’t fill the tub

Using a bathtub is an excellent idea if you want to save water. You will only use whatever amount of water is in the tub. Just make sure you don’t reach full capacity. Fill only half the tub. It’s already enough for bathing. Besides, your goal when using the tub is to relax and unwind. The amount of water present in the tub doesn’t matter. You just need to be alone while you forget other issues you face in life.

Use a steam shower

The good thing about a steam shower is that it harnesses steam to keep your body clean. Therefore, you don’t have to maximize power when bathing. Steam showers are also designed in a way that uses less water than traditional showers. Despite that, the use of a steam shower is even more relaxing.

Don’t spend too much time bathing

If you’re the type of person who takes up to an hour to bathe, you have to gradually change your attitude. You’re not doing anything to conserve water. Even just a minute less already saves 150 gallons of water. You can cut your shower time and you’re doing a lot to conserve water.

Don’t keep the shower running

There are different steps involved when bathing. You need to use the soap for your body and shampoo for the hair. You might take about a minute doing these things. You might also have a routine for facial care. While doing them, you can turn the shower off. Turn it on again when you’re about to rinse. It helps save a lot of water.

Don’t wash your towel every after use

There’s no need to wash your towel each time you use it considering that you only used it to wipe off water from your body. Washing a towel could consume a lot of water. The best option is to hang it. In time for your next bath, the towel is already crisp and dry. The exposure to the sun also helped kill germs that got stuck in the towel.

Check possible leaks 

Leaks in the pipes could waste a huge amount of water. The same is true for a leaking faucet. As soon as you notice these leaks, you have to call a plumber to come over and help fix them. The small drips might not seem much at first, but they will accumulate and waste a lot of water.

Don’t forget to turn everything off

There are times when you’re too busy and you have to rush while bathing. You try to finish brushing your teeth, washing your hair and cleaning your face within ten minutes. It’s a good thing if you speed things up since you will use less water. The problem is when you forget to turn everything off before leaving the bathroom. You’re too focused on leaving the house quickly and you forget what needed to be done. When you get back home later, gallons of precious water has already been wasted. Check everything before you leave home, including appliances and water sources to prevent wasting energy and water.

Replace your toilet 

You can check how many gallons of water are used for every flush. If your toilet is very old, it might waste up to 3.5 gallons of water. Replacing it is necessary to save water. Modern toilets are designed to use less water and are more efficient.

You just need time to be alone 

The reason why you spend a lot of time in the bathroom is that you want to be alone. You use your bathing time as an excuse to be away from everyone else. It’s understandable if you feel that way. People need alone time, and even at home, it’s difficult if you have children. However, you don’t need to turn the shower on while inside the bathroom. You can stand in front of the mirror or buy a chair where you can sit and think. Doing these things also have the same effect as allowing water to drip down your body as you attempt to be alone. The difference is that you’re saving a lot of water.

Everyone needs to change 

You’re lucky if you don’t have to worry about access to clean water. When you’re thirsty, you can open your tap water and have a glass. If you feel dirty, you can head to the shower room and bathe. However, not everyone has the same opportunity. Some people face dire situations and die of dehydration and waterborne illnesses. Think of them if you feel tired of doing water conservation efforts.

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