Unique Industries Served by ERP Solutions

Unique Industries Served by ERP Solutions

With the use of technology, every business operates faster with higher productivity. Therefore, a lot of industries have begun to consider automated ERP systems as the best solution to modernise business function and resource management.

ERP software is a centralised database management system, suitable to simplify business processes and help reduce manual labour. Users can access data and handle resources within HR, finance, resources, reports, and more.

Over the years, the ERP solution market has drastically improved the production line for various industries. Here are a few industries that are getting the most benefit by using ERP systems.

  1. Manufacturing/Production

Manufacturers today are looking to improve yields and better manage production lines. For more than 30 years, Pronto and Infor M3, have enabled the local manufacturers to integrate their operations, increase supply chain efficiency, provide visibility of manufacturing processes, and manage production schedules, while reducing total costs.

  1. Distribution/Trading

If you’re looking to increase the productivity in packaging and re-distribution, look no further than using distribution ERP systems. You can do more with less by utilising the PRONTO Distribution, a scalable and integrated solution that helps your business take on the omni-channel distribution strategy that is prevailing in the marketplace today.

  1. Retail/POS

From point-of-sale to e-commerce and beyond, Pronto Xi Retail is designed to help you nurture your customers and minimise the costs per transaction. You can instantly record your transactions in the general ledger to maintain accurate financials, online and offline.

  1. Engineering, Construction & Operations

This is one of the most competitive and fast-paced industries in Malaysia. From bidding through tender to execution of a project, PRONTO Xi is designed to help you to be a more profitable organization.

  1. Field service and rental

PRONTO Xi Service Management has become the backbone of service industries. From facilities management to healthcare services, transport and logistics, information technology and heavy equipment. It is designed to administer your business from Financial Management to Field Service so you can have a better competitive edge.

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