Understanding Lock Types for Your Commercial Building


Securing your business or home is a major concern. When it comes to making the decisions regarding this, one is faced with different types of digital lock, which makes it difficult and interesting at the same time.


The most incredible advantage of padlocks is that you can use and re-use them. This is because they are not fixed permanently to anything else. You also get to choose from a wide range of types and sizes, offering different security features. 

Padlocks are most suitable:

  • Together with chains

You can secure all your equipment by using a chain with a padlock. It can also secure your commercial bikes and motorcycles. 

  • Gates

If you have gates at your commercial property, then padlocks are the solution for you

  • Cabinets

Padlocks can be attached to cabinet locks with valuable stuff. You can remove it when the security is not required anymore. 


Deadbolts are pretty common with both commercial and residential buildings. They offer adequate security against forced entries at external doors. Traditionally, deadbolts were not as secure as they are today due to the advanced tech that goes into them. As a result, many commercial building owners are turning to deadbolts for security. 

Deadbolts are most suitable for:

  • Doors around windows

Windows are potential locations where burglars get an idea about the security measures of a building. If you have deadbolts installed, they are going to be quite discouraged, knowing the difficulty one can face with deadbolts.

  • Glass Doors

Glass doors can be well protected with double-sided deadbolts. 

Lever Handle Locks

Level handle locks are quite popular with businesses due to the ease of access they have to offer. The users just have to push the lever down instead of turning. They meet the required local business regulations as well as offer the security needed. 

The Best Places to Use Lever Handle Locks

  • Interior Doors

Lever Handle Locks go best with areas that just require to be locked and have no need for protection against forced entries. 

Cam Locks

Cam locks can rotate 90 to 180 degrees, both counterclockwise or clockwise. You get to choose from various locking mechanisms and lengths, allowing customization for use. 

Cam Locks are most suitable for:

  • Mailboxes
  • Filing cabinets
  • Low-security areas

Rim or Mortise Locks

Even though rim or mortise locks come in a wide variety of options, the basics that go into them are mostly similar. The variations are in the hardware that is used in them. 

The Best Places to Use Rim or Mortise Locks

  • Entry Doors with Glass 
  • Commercial Doors
  • Apartment Doors

The Ultimate Decision

Make sure that before jumping onto a final decision, you are well aware of your options. Maybe even talk to a locksmith to get a better idea about your security situation and the solutions available. Moreover, with all the commercial door locks in place, ensure that you secure your office with door closers

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