Types of storage racking systems



Storage racks are an essential part of an effective business enterprise because they help in offering efficient storage services. There are different types of storage services that can be implemented whether new or the used storage racks. Different business entities choose storage services depending on the type of materials they deal with, and the size of their warehouse. They include:

Types of pallet racking 

Various companies utilize different types of storage options based on their purpose. They choose the pallet racking because they fulfill each company’s objectives. The consumer has a choice of selecting the used storage racking because they are highly durable. Sometimes it might be difficult to settle on one type of storage racking system that will satisfy all your needs.

Selective racking

This type of racking system is commonly used because it allows the consumer the opportunity to access pallets easily without any struggle. The load beams give support to the pallet structure. If you choose to purchase a new pallet racking system, then it might be customized to fit your materials. In the cases where the consumer wants to buy a used storage rack, then they can choose one the can fit the warehouse materials of it can be adjusted into their liking to sustain the objectives of the business.

Push-back racking

Some people opt to buy a used storage rack when they want one with the push-back features because they are quite pricey. They are designed to store heavy and large materials. It gives perfect accessibility to the user. This type is automatic because after a load is placed on the pallet, another pallet is pushed on the rail firmly after unloading, then it is forwarded to the front line of the storage unit making attaining the purposes of the company.


Cantilever racking

It is preferred mostly for long materials such as long metals and plastic piping.It has long structures elongated from the storage frame that are made to handle heavy materials specifically. Having no front columns, it creates more space for storage purposes and easy access.

Carton flow racking

They provide good storage services for inventories, functioning with the FIFO process that means first in is the first out. They utilize a rear road criterion that offers perfectly managed and functional inventory.

Choosing a used storage rack in this type can be risky because it might fail since the carton flow is an automatic complex storage structure that rotates racks creating space for inventories.

Drive-in racking

The drive-in racking is designed to utilize the floor space. In this type of racks,  the new ones are preferred because they are cost-friendly. They need fewer aisles for storage.Stocking is easy and quick.

A  perfect racking unit is the cornerstone of any successful business. Consumers can choose any pallet racks depending on their warehouse and budget. For those who choose to settle on the used storage racks, rather than the new ones, they have to be keen on durability and cost for effective functionality.

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