Types of Kratom and Their Benefits


Southeast Asians prized kratom for its therapeutic qualities for many centuries before it made its way to the west. In the United States today, laws concerning the legality of kratom differ by state. If you are thinking of trying this controversial herb, these are the benefits of three primary strains.

Red Vein

Although you can buy kratom as powder, capsules or extracts, the most popular strain of kratom for sale in the United States is the red vein. Its calming effects make it particularly useful as a sleep aid. It also provides a natural way to block pain receptors in the body to relieve everyday aches and pains. As a mood stabilizer, it eases feelings of depression and anxiety. Perhaps the most socially significant benefit of red vein kratom is its ability to alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms. People addicted to opioids such as heroin and morphine, turn to red vein kratom to help ween off these drugs.

White Vein

Whereas red vein kratom can promote relaxation, white vein kratom is better for concentration and performance. Unlike other natural stimulants, like caffeine, white vein kratom does not create jitters. It is best to take it during the day, or when there is a need for strong physical or mental performance. White vein kratom’s benefits may be especially useful for athletes, test-takers, or fire-fighters.

Green Vein

This strain of kratom combines the effects of both red and green vein varieties, but with less intensity. It is an excellent choice to induce relaxation without sedation or intense stimulation, making it ideal for improving social interaction. Green vein kratom can also relieve the pain of arthritis, headaches and other conditions while promoting alertness. Like white vein kratom, green vein kratom is more beneficial during the daytime. However, for daily use, green vein kratom is a better choice due to its milder effects.

Like many herbs, kratom does not have the approval of the Food & Drug Administration. Even though kratom is legal in many states, it is essential to ensure that your supply comes from a reliable source.

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