TridentCare – A Mobile Diagnostic Service Provider at Home and Commercial Workplace


It is often the desire of patients and companies to get medical care such as diagnostic services at home and work sites respectively. They prefer to keep their visit to clinics and hospitals minimal. With the experience of more than thirty-five years, TridentCare fulfills their desired medical needs effectively. TridentCare is a mobile diagnostic and clinical service provider that provides on-site imaging, laboratory, nurse practitioner, and other services withthe latest high-tech equipment and experienced professionals. TridentCare makes it convenient for patients to get the desired diagnostic services from the comfort of their homes. Similarly, TridentCare also makes it convenient for companies to meet occupational health requirements by getting on-site clinical and diagnostic services.

TridentCare Services at Home and Commercial Workplace

TridentCare has set up an outstanding reputation for being highly-responsive, all-time availability, and providing accurate on-site diagnostic services. Following are the different services that TridentCare provides at home and commercial workplace:

  • Dedicated Team: TridentCare provides a dedicated team that is readily available to serve at home or any commercial area. The team comes with state and federal background and well-qualified to serve the patients effectively. Once a patient orders TridentCare service, the dedicated team reaches the door-step the same day.
  • Digital Xray Services: TridentCare provides mobile digital x-ray services that deliver the same hospital-level imaging. With 24/7 availability of services in most areas, TridentCare is not just flexible, but also provide convenience in getting the desired imaging services on-site.The x-ray images are transmitted online to a certified radiologist for reading. All the x-ray technologists at TridentCare are ARRT certified.
  • Ultrasound Services: TridentCare provides ultrasound services at home and companies workplaces through the team of ARDMS-certified sonographers. The ultrasound services include cardiac, arterial, general, and vascular studies. The images are read by certified radiologists and cardiologists.
  • Online Ordering and Results Retrieval: TridentCare has set up an online portal called TridentConnect, where patients can place any kind of imaging order online. The portal also sets up patients’ profiles, which enables patients to access previous history and results. The results and patients’ infoare kept secured with HIPAA-compliant security.

TridentCare Exceptional Benefits

  • Professional Services: TridentCare mobile diagnostic services to patients at home or to companies with high-definition diagnostic equipment make it outshine as a highlyprofessional and innovative medical service provider. From the latest equipment to experienced staff to an online ordering portal, every aspect of TridentCare is maintained at its highest level.
  • Expert Care Commitment: TridentCare team of reliable, experienced, and certified professionals are committed to providingquality medical care wherever it is needed. They ensure that the patients and employees don’t have to travel to the hospitals just for the diagnostic tests. The online TridentConnect portal also makes the orders and results retrieval process super-handy.
  • Innovative and Latest Technologies:TridentCare always ensures that medical tools and technologies are all latest, up-to-date, and innovative. It is the uniqueness and high-definition technologies that have made TridentCare be the preferred choice across the United States.
  • Streamlined Operations: TridentCare has kept everything smooth, convenient, and hassle-free. The online secure ordering and results retrieval system is proof of the streamlined operations. The team is available 24/7 and provides a quick turnaround. TridentCare believes in the paperless system, ensuring that the patient test results and previous history are readily available online. The results are also accessible to physicians and nursing staff.

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