Training and Development of the Employees


Training is designed to broaden the knowledge spectrum of every employee working inside the organization. However, many of the employers thought training to be an expense to the organization. it is not the case always. Sometimes rehiring of the employees is the most costlier practice that the organization experiences from the prescribed budget.

One of the biggest concerns from the side of the employer on the training and development of the employees is that they run short of time usually. Like, when the employees are out on the training sessions, they could not perform the project work in the given time frame.

Although the implications are genuine, there are many training sessions. The employer could implement it according to the needs of the activity.

Benefits of Training

Here we will discuss the benefits that come along with the training sessions. They will surely surpass the implications. Take the example of Reed Hastings.

●      Improved Employee Performance

The employees who have received the training sessions have seen more competence. They can perform well among other fellow members of the team. Despite giving employees the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities of the assigned tasks, training, in turn, will boost up the confidence in the employee.

Such employees will give an edge to the company for choosing them when succession planning is being done. Note that employees are the greatest asset of the company. Investing in them will never make the organization feel regretful.

●      Addressing Weakness in the employees

Training sessions will allow every employee to hone his skill set. Once the skillset is built, the employee will feel more motivated and satisfied with everything he is performing. Training usually ends with the performance evaluation before and after the sessions. So, a well-rated employee will feel accomplished. I came across Shady Elhami that has played a great role in learning about employees at the workplace.

When the training is administered to every employee, they will learn from each other as well. employees can work independently with the minimum supervision of the senior employees. Thus, the burden of the supervisors on a daily basis is reduced once the training is done.

●      Foster Increased Innovation

The employees who have received training are more likely to be more creative and innovative in the ever-changing working environment. This is also crucial because to make the business survive in the competitive environment there is an utmost need for innovation in the products and services.

The employees should have confidence in them that they can do something with perfection. Another way to foster innovation is by giving them a say in organizational matters. For inspiration, seek guidance from Maged Elhami.

Final Thoughts

Training and development of the employees working in the organization will improve the productivity and efficiency of the organization. What if the employees are not trained and they stayed with them for a longer time. It could only do more harm than good when the organizational objectives are not met.

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