Top Trending Replacement Door Styles 


Replacement doors refer to the door that can be directly fitted in the door jamb. These doors don’t require any further servicing. These are available in the market as an all-in-one package. These are more viable than making a new door because they are durable, water-resistant, and are ready-to-go.

There are two significant types of replacement doors, namely

  • Prehung door
  • Slab door 

The significant difference between these two is that the preying door comes as a set that has a frame, whereas the slab door comes without a frame.  

Prehung door 

These Replacement doors come installed along with their opening, due to which the hinges and jambs are already in place. It is pre-cut for the doorknob and the strike plate. These are meant to be handled with care until they are fitted into the door opening.

Based on preparation, the prehung door is of three types.

  1. Assembled: 

This one is entirely ready to be installed, and the jambs are pre-applied to the hinges. It also contains a lock.

  1. Partially installed: 

In this, a few door components are connected, and a few are loose, which are required to be set. The amount of work that you need to do depends on the model you choose.

  1. Knocked out: 

This type of door comes in different parts to prevent any damage. You need to put together all the parts before mounting them onto the wall.  

Pros of Prehung doors

  1. The installation process is easy and quick, so appointing a professional isn’t necessary. You can finish the job on your own. As the parts are already connected, you need to mount them correctly on the opening.
  2. Customization of the door is available. So you can choose the colour, the style, and almost every other detail. So you will get the combination you want without wasting much time and putting in much hard work.
  3. You will also get weather stripping foam for exterior prehung doors to protect them from the external environment.

Slab door

This is a basic replacement door that doesn’t come with a frame. It is the responsibility of the Installer to attach it to the door frame. It needs to be painted before installing it into the frame. It requires extra time for preparation before installation.

Advantages of slab door

  1. It is much lighter as compared to the Prehung door
  2. It is much versatile in terms of its design
  3. More preferable as compared to Prehung doors while installing inside the home

Both prehung door and slab door are great as interior door choices. And if we compare both, then in terms of being budget-friendly and design flexibility, Slab door is better, whereas, in terms of installation flexibility, Prehung door is better. 

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking of remodelling your home, then a slab door would be better for you not to change your existing frames. But in case you want to replace your existing frames or have no frame at all, then a Prehung door would be better for your home.


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