Top Features to Look for When Buying a Portable Power Station


Have you ever gone camping or on vacation, and your phone suddenly ran out of power? You might have had a hard moment if you were far from a reliable power source. A portable power station from Power Systems West would have come in handy in such a situation. The following are six features to check out when purchasing a portable power station.

1. Charge Times

Charge time refers to the duration a power station will take to recharge fully. For example, a portable station with a six-hour charge time takes twice more time to recharge as a power station with a three-hour charge time. Generally, many clients opt to buy power stations with a short charge time. Nevertheless, a power station’s capacity directly affects its charge time.

2. Power Systems West Power Stations Have Huge Battery Capacity

Tech-savvy clients tend to compare different power stations’ battery capacities when shopping. It is a key component for each tech gadget, and it is often indicated as watts-hour (Wh). It is wise to select a power station whose capacity is twice what you require.

For example, you can pick a portable power station with 2,000 watt-hours if your neighborhood experiences frequent power outages. Yet, a power station with a 280 watts-hour battery capacity is effective when camping.

3. Portability

Power stations have different portability levels. It is advisable to buy a power station that you can easily carry whenever you travel. Manufacturers usually indicate their power devices’ dimensions and weight.

A compact and light power station is perfect if you want to keep it in your car trunk during a vacation. A compact power station might have less battery capacity than a huge power station. Moreover, some power stations have a handle and wheels, thus making them highly portable.

4. Number of Ports

Power stations have different ports. Most of them have a single Universal Serial Bus (USB) port while others have solar panels, Direct Current (DC) carports, and Alternating Current (AC) outlets. Typically, power stations with many ports are costlier and more versatile than those with few ports.

5. Digital Display

The display indicates a power station’s remaining battery capacity. It is a vital tool that campers and vacationers can use to determine the period that they can continue using their power stations. Some digital displays show information like estimated recharge time, type of port in use, and the current charge level.

6. Safety Features

Safety is a key concern for each tech device user. It is important to check a power station’s safety features if you use it in hot regions or on wet surfaces. Pick a device that is dustproof, shock resistant, and waterproof.

A portable power station has many uses like running lights and charging a laptop. It is crucial to check its features to ensure that it will meet your power needs. Call today at (208) 342-6541 if you need an affordable power station in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, or Washington. KOHLER has authorized us to distribute power systems throughout the country and we have many certified technicians who are always ready to serve you.


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