Top armored limousines or SUVs in the market to buy  


Armored limousines or buses can ship many people with utmost safety against attacks of varying levels. With different sizes and many configurations available, any purpose can be easily catered to. Armored buses, vans, and limousines come with all features that you expect in any armored vehicle otherwise. With the advantage of carrying many individuals in the utmost comfort, these are a great choice.

Cadillac Escalade ESV

In spite of new rivalry from Lincoln, the new Escalade ESV remains one of the largest luxurious SUVs, which can handle rough off-road excursions. Cadillac offers buyers the chance to take their vehicle to another new level, by introducing armor. For a basic price of around $350k, it comes with the executive protection package, featuring high-tech security and absolutely customized interior. The vehicle comes with B6 level protection that can resists velocity hits from 0.556, 7.62, and 30-06 munitions. It also comes with the combination of multi-layered leaded glass and polycarbonate, which looks transparent, but can withhold 0.44 & 9mm magnum rounds.

The counterattack section also comes with 360-degree camera, barricade busting bumpers, pepper-spray dispensers, electric shock door handlers, smokescreen, and satellite communication system, etc. The tactical electronic design comes with an anti-jamming & satellite activated communication system as well as explosion or mine detection.

Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevy Tahoe is the perfect choice for those needing a protected, safe vehicle, which doesn’t look like plain ballistic SUV. You can enjoy a quite trip with minimized exterior noise due to inlaid doors with triple seals. Buy this from reputed armored vehicle manufacturers, who have kept the stylish and steep exterior, for flawless undercover safety.

The interior anyway looks quite versatile; with few optional features make the loading and unloading quick via rear or side exits.  With high-class ballistic armoring materials and technologies, this ultra-protected tactical SUV comes with a budget friendly number.

Mercedes Benz S600 Maybach Pullman

Over the past few years, Maybach is known for its performance, style and top-class luxury and now, Mercedes has taken this beast to a new level by introducing armored limousine, Pullaman Guard. It is equipped with B6 or B7 level protection and the spacious seating offers luxurious comfort for its passengers. It’s an excellent choice for stability, comfort and style.

Troy Armoring armored buses uses industry-standard, certified quality materials in every make, ensuring reliability, longevity, and security of every vehicle being delivered.

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