Top 15 Best websites you can read boys love webtoon manga for free


If you don’t like the feeling of having to run to a bookstore near your home to find your favorite comics, webtoon manhwa websites and apps are the best thing you can save time and don’t need to store.  For some people, read webtoon manhwa hentai online or online manga even they feel better than an actual comic book.

With free webcomics manga and comics, you can view them immediately and save them for later viewing on websites and applications.  You also do not need to worry about broken story pages. 

The board wonders where the best comic viewer app is?  What are their names? Let’s find out!

Top 5 websites and apps to read webtoon and manga for free


You can find tears-breaking romance, horror, and scary horror that you can’t imagine on Line Webtoon.  Read and share your favorite comics and discover the top rankings to see what’s most popular. The supply of comic books is huge, thanks to the community of creators, which is a constant flow of new content.  Register the comics you want to save to your favorites or you can miss them.

 There are in-app purchases in the form of “coins,” which you can use to buy more comic book episodes.  If you dedicate coins to comics, it will turn into money to support comic book creators. You can top up via coins ranging from $ 5 for 1000 coins to $ 50 for 10000 coins.  You can also earn coins by viewing in-app ads or downloading other relevant game apps and playing to a certain extent.

  1. Tapas, or Tapas Media, is an American website and app that uploads comics daily, with millions of people subscribing to each comic in many different languages.  This app calls itself the world’s largest digital comic publisher. By looking at the full collection of genres including diverse stories like Boys Love, Girls love, teens love, action, drama, romance, horror, …. and the best comics for each genre.

The featured webtoons are updated weekly and by buying coins, you can access the Buy Coins function and open the chapters and read them as soon as possible.  Submit comments and receive suggestions from other readers, check out the new selection of stories for the week to add the necessary additions to your subscription list.

  1. Manytoon Comics

To stand out from the rest, Manytoon Comics offers all of their comics for free for the first three days.  You can then buy coins to continue reading.

The content of Manytoon Comics is huge, including Boys Love webtoon, Girls Love Webtoon, Teen Love Webtoon, and they also provide 300 Boys Love Manga for free.

There are many ways to earn more coins instead of buying them: login daily, invite friends, see ads, support comics or just read on the app that will give you 10 cents every four minutes.  Manytoon Comics is heavy on adult webtoon and adult manga styles, but there are a few things on the app for people not to be missed. 


One thing that is different about is that you can read comics on any device or on the web.  The service has fewer manga, but it has a unique webtoon and manhua series, plus more comic books and graphic novels – you’ll find Best Romance Webtoon and Drama Webtoon here.

You can log in with your account or via Facebook, Google.  If you buy compatible comics on Lezhin Comics or Toomics, you can view them on the app.  This app has a section for free comics, but to read others, you’ll have to buy them in the Vip Member section.  You have a free month of unlimited membership that allows you to read all webtoon and manga categories. After 30 days, the membership fee is only $ 5 a month.


Manga Hentai Comics has all the titles released under the name Free Doujins.  Anything you can think of Manga Hentai, you can find here. All the episodes of the top webtoon or manga such as True Beauty, Perfect Half, Sweet but Psycho, My Stepmom, The Good Manager, Painter of the Night have been uploaded and refreshed, such as the extremely popular Vampire Heart story.  hours updated.

Preview the manga or buy it at market value, and it is saved to your library forever.  If you are a fan of Free Manga Hentai Doujins, open the VIP member as an unlimited member and read more than 50,000 chapters for only $ 4.99 a month.

Top 10 Best websites you can read boys love webtoon manga for free

 1 – Line Naver

 2 – Lezhin Comics

 3 – Tapas media

 4 – Manytoon Comics

 6 –

 7 – Net Comics

 8 –

 9 – Comico Comics

 10 –


We are pretty sure that if you have all these websites and applications in your store, then you can install comics, graphic novels, webtoon manhwa and manga for life in the world of colorful comics.  sharp. Time to pick up the phone and read it!

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