Top 10 advantages you should know about Two Wheelers in India


In India, congested lanes and streets are a common sight. Commuting by cars and other four-wheelers can be a huge problem in such circumstances. With increasing traffic, using a car only wastes time and contributes to pollution. This is why many are now switching to two-wheelers for going to work every day. And there is good reason behind doing so – bikes and scooters are cheaper and easy to maneuver through crowded streets.

In fact, many people prefer them even over metros and other public transport. In both rural and urban areas, two-wheelers are in high demand. What’s more, with technology now being incorporated by many automakers, two-wheelers are becoming more fuel efficient.

Today, electric bikes are also gaining popularity; they need less maintenance as compared to cars and get charged quicker. If you’re looking for reasons to invest in a two-wheeler, here are some of the biggest benefits:

  1. Commuting by a two-wheeler makes it easy to commute during peak hours and navigate through traffic jams. Naturally, this helps you save time.
  2. Two-wheelers are more environmentally friendly compared to cars as they produce lower carbon emissions. Modern two-wheelers are also becoming more fuel-efficient.
  3. Bikes require lower maintenance than cars
  4. Bikes are affordable; you can purchase one by making a small down payment and financing the rest with a two-wheeler loan EMI.
  5. Two-wheelers offer good mileage, resulting in huge cost savings
  6. Parking is also easier with a two-wheeler, especially in urban areas where finding a parking space is nothing short of a battle. Bikes need less space and can be easily parked in congested areas
  7. Bikes are more lightweight than cars. Scooters are even lower in weight and can be used conveniently by women and young riders. Because they don’t take very high speeds, the chances of being involved in an over-speeding accident are less
  8. Two-wheelers are also exempted from toll tax since they occupy less space than a car and as a result, less road capacity. Bikes and scooters also don’t put a lot of strain on the road since they’re lightweight
  9. Using a two-wheeler also saves you a whole lot more time when you’re riding in heavy traffic. Especially if you’re travelling a short distance, it makes more sense to use a two-wheeler instead of a car
  10. Insurance is also easier and more economical as compared to a car. This is important because insurance has been mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act to cover for damages suffered by third-party

Still on the fence about the purchase? Getting a bike or scooter is easy with a two-wheeler loan. Many banks and NBFCs give two-wheeler loans at competitive interest rates and with a quick processing time. The repayment schedule and terms are also flexible. The loans are available at attractive interest rates and you can choose your EMI plan as per your budget. With monthly EMIs, you can pay off the loan in no time. So it makes perfect sense to apply for two-wheeler loan in India.

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