Tips to be a good football coach


Who doesn’t want to be a rocking football coach and see their team win proudly in every match. Well, if you want to be a perfect coach, then here are some qualities that you need to develop.

Authority: A good coach should be in control. While some players may be easy to go, others may be challenging. If you don’t want your team to mess around, then make sure they work on your terms.

Mental caliber: No matter how successful you get, you should be open to criticism. Make sure you take the positive and negative comments lightly and have the mental caliber to deal with everything in a good way.

Sense of humor: Playing football is fun. Though having control is important, but as a coach, you should also have a definite laugh with your team. It boosts a bonding within the team.

Adaptability: Having a plan is good, whether it is about playing a match or training, sometime a particular strategy or drill may not be according to you. So, have a backup plan and adapt accordingly.

Patience: Every player develops at his/her own pace. Coaching the younger generation demands patience, time and effort. You need to have the power the help players fulfill their potential.

Communication: Being connected to your players is important. It is the major key to explain their progress, tactics, and strategies of the game. Make sure your players are comfortable in talking to you. Always talk as it solves a lot of problems.

Approachability: Never have a wall between you and the players. They should always approach in good times or bad times. If there is a football issue, they shouldn’t struggle amongst themselves, rather come to you immediately. Have that rapport.

Respect the rules: Always remember, football is a game based on rules and if you as a coach don’t abide by the rules and regulations, then the players will not pay attention to them too. So, remind yourself, your team as well as their parents about the league’s code of conduct time to time. Mention it especially on the match day. It is the duty of the coach to make everyone aware about the rules. 

Great observation abilities

Watch every training session very closely. Different players have different strengths and weaknesses and you have to take care of both. You should spot which players plays well. Watch out what takes places on and off field so that you can handle all the problems.


Have a good mental picture of your team players. Analyze their skills sharply and make sure you make them play as per the interest. Knowing how to manage every player is very important.

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