Things to do Before Selling Your Android Phone


There have been innumerable situations when people regretted not backing up their data and pictures on time, thus losing some valuable and favorable lot. There are a few ways that you can make sure all your data is secure safe and you can move on with your new phone without any hassle.

  • Backup Data: Phones are our lives these days. From assignments and calendar reminders to notes and apks, our phones have it all. All of these needs to be stored and backed up in your Google account. It is also recommended that you back up all data on your computer or other devices as well, just for safekeeping.
  • Backup Pictures and Videos: Pictures and videos on the phone are automatically stored by Google in Google photos. They are generally synced to the available Gmail accounts in any device. Pictures and videos are extremely crucial documents these days. Thus their safeguarding being an absolute necessity. Pictures and videos, too, can be stored in computers and laptops forever, although Google photos are pretty permanent in nature and are rarely lost.
  • Factory Reset: Once all data, images, and everything else is backed up; it is important that you put your phone on factory reset so as to delete all the information there. This is specifically done to make sure the next person who uses your phone does not end up having all your information pictures, videos, messages, and other kinds of data that were previously present in your device. Once the factory reset process is complete your phone will go back exactly the way it was when it arrived. You can then sell your phone, recycle your phone, or do whatever you wish to.
  • Selling or Recycling Your Old Phone: Once you have a new phone, you no longer require the old device. It is wise to sell the device to get some money, and also to make sure the people who cannot afford new phones can buy the second hand once and enjoy the perks of smartphones. These days many people opt to recycle mobile phones. This basically means selling off the parts individually and ultimately, the body of the phone is disposed of recycled or used to manufacture different metallic objects, maybe phones themselves.
  • Original Parts and Extensions: It is crucial that you take care of all the phone accessories and extensions since purchase. Although, sadly, most people don’t. Charging wires, headphones, adapters, sim card slot pins, the package, box, cover, screen guard, etc. are all lost and replaced by users all the time. Thus, these cut off the selling price when you are planning to sell the old phone To make sure you get a good deal and can bargain with the price of the phone well enough, it is important that you keep all the items mentioned above with care. The inclusion of those with the phone automatically boosts it’s valued and results in extraordinary profit, even from the resale of an old device.

How to factory reset a phone?

First, go to the settings, you will find an option of data and backup. Press the backup button and scroll down to find the option of removing the security for the factory reset. That security is present so that random people cannot factory reset your phone and harm you by removing all data. You might have to provide a passcode to factory reset your phone. Make sure to use the above information to back up your data and reset your phone so that your personal information is safe.

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