Things to be considered while sending fruits as gifts


Whenever we wish to gift anything to someone be it any occasion the first things comes in our minds is the chocolate or sweet box. But why not try something healthy and make them also fitness freak and diet conscious. We can send those fruits baskets by post. These are the gifts or the items which one eats in daily life but we should always try to make the moments special and memorable. We can give this a good consideration while giving them gifts especially in the corporate world. We must go with the trends and these kinds of gifts are in trends.

There are some things which are to be considered while giving such personalized gifts singapore. Some of them are as follows:

  • Receiver of the gifts: this should be the first and the foremost consideration that who is the receiver of the gifts and what are his or her likings in terms of the fruits. One must consider factors like he or she must not have any kind of allergy to any kinds of fruits. In case it is then we must avoid selecting those particular fruits as this will be wastage of efforts and money. We can choose among the fruits which he or she will eat.
  • Time of reaching: another important consideration is the time of reaching the destination. We must give them considerable time to reach the fruits to the destination and this is a perishable item so proper care must be taken of such products. They must not get squeezed in the transit and one must select those with hard skins so that there is no effect on them. Fruits like pineapple and apple have high perish ability so they should be avoided. In case we want soft fruits to be given then proper packaging must be done so that there is no loss in transit.
  • Variety of the fruits: while selecting the basket proper care must be given to the variety of the fruits. It will help to improve the versatility and even will improve the looks of the hamper. Further this will help to add more favorite items into the basket. One can include more of the items so that there is proper variety about the fruits and they can be combined well.
  • Basket size: the size must be adequate as per the receiver. In case the receiver is family then size must be large enough so that all can enjoy the benefits of the fruits. In case receiver is single person than size may vary accordingly. This should not be wastage of money so that the fruits so also not get wasted. These are the results of the hard work of the farmers and we should not waste them. The size must be according to the number of recipients.
  • Arrangement: the hamper must be beautifully arranged so that it gives a great overall look. Fruit basket gift must look attractive so that it will help to make the mood of the receiver better.

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