The Top 4 MKV Videos Players that You Can Use for macOS


MKV files are those files that of genuinely high quality, but stay compressed inside a Matroska container format. Generally, you come across these files when videos are exported from an HD stream and Bluray rips. These cannot be opened with a standard movie player app and therefore you will find difficulty in playing them on Mac. The good news is that several apps can be downloaded free of cost and it will support in playing the MKV files on MAC with high resolution.

Some of the apps mentioned below are all-rounder media center applications that can do much more than just playing MKV video formats. You can try any of them and discover the one that would be suitable for you.

  • VLC 2– VLC is the first one on the recommendation list. It is a good video player for mac. It can play any audio or video file without any exception. Recently the VLC player 2 has undergone some noticeable changes that have upgraded the features of the player. Even if you have no plans to play MKV movies, this app is worth getting a place in your MAC device. You can play any kind of video using the VLC player.
  • Plex– Plex is known to be a great media center app, however, the recent update has made the interface more confusing. This app welcomes all MKV files well and plays it conveniently. You only have to drag the MKV video file and drop it on the Plex icon to load the movie. It easily converts the videos and allows you to play it on Mac. The new menus of Plex are found to be a little confusing, however, once you start using it will be easy.
  • Elmedia Player– Elmedia is amongst best media player for iMac in 2020 that can play all MKV video files. It is a multifunctional MKV player for your MAC and its services can be availed free of cost. Elmedia supports all sorts of audio and video formats to allow you maximum convenience. Elmedia is such an app where you can play any kind of MKV video without expecting errors like “MKV won’t open in WMP”, “MKV no sound” or “MKV stuttering playback”. Apart from MKV files, Elmedia has the capability of playing other files like FLV, WMV, AVI, MPEG-4, MP4, and MOV.
  • MPlayerX– many users have preferred MPlayerX and this app has received strong recommendations. The player works magnificently to play the MKV files and the interface looks quite similar to the QuickTime player with the minimalist theme in place. The player has a brilliant performance level is a good choice for watching all kinds of videos on MAC. You can download it from the Mac App Store for free and start converting MKV files.

To help you find more information about various video players to play your MKV files, we have mentioned some of the names above.

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