The three biggest changes that have transformed cloud hosting


Technological innovations have given many gifts to the modern-day businesses. Those days are long gone when using technological solutions was not possible for every business or there were only a handful of technological solutions available. Now, each and every type of business is thriving on the opportunities provided by technological innovations. And one such technological marvel that has transformed the industries forever and allowed everyone to see how the future of our industries will look like is cloud hosting.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a technological buff or not, you must have heard about cloud computing at one place or another. Cloud computing has become the order of the day in the technological world but one important application of cloud computing that is being used by almost all the businesses is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is simply using desktop applications on the cloud server instead of installing them on cloud. Cloud hosting can also be related to the modern-day websites that are hosted on the cloud server but in this blog post, we are going to restrict our discussion to cloud hosting of applications only.

Cloud hosting has not always been like this. When cloud hosting was first introduced in the market, things were completely different. You might be thinking that cloud hosting has been this way right from the beginning but that’s not true. There were several modifications made in the cloud hosting services that have made the cloud hosting the way we see it today. But there were three main changes that completely transformed cloud hosting services and in this blog post, we are going to take a look at those 3 important changes.

No need of IT infrastructure in cloud hosting

When cloud hosting was first introduced in the market and was made available for the businesses then it was available only for giant business. No, there was no governing body controlling the cloud hosting services and giving it to giant businesses but the need of building an IT infrastructure in order to access the cloud services is what restricted small and medium sized businesses from using hosted QuickBooks services. For most of the small and medium sized businesses, building a robust IT infrastructure, adding the latest server and other hardware was not a feasible solution and this is why most of the small and medium sized businesses stayed away from cloud hosting services.

But when third party hosting services came, the need for building an IT infrastructure was completely wiped out. The cloud vendors used their own public server in order to provide cloud hosting services to different clients. This opened the door of cloud hosting services to small and medium sized businesses like Quickbooks hosting services and allowed it to spread all over the world.


No need of IT management in cloud hosting

One of the biggest changes that completely transformed cloud hosting services is the removal of IT management from the user’s side. You should know that most of the businesses have already more on their plates. From managing the sales to taking care of the marketing, there are many things that businesses have to look after. When a business shifts to cloud then the main motive is to increase the productivity and lower down the time consumed. Well, in the earlier model of cloud, the businesses have to take care of the IT hassles that came along with cloud and that ruined the experience of cloud. But soon third party cloud hosting providers came with round the clock customer support and that completely changed cloud hosting services.

You should know that now if you will shift to cloud hosting services then you will not have to worry about the IT issue as the cloud vendor will take care of all the IT hassle through its round the clock technical assessment support service. You don’t need to pay even a single dime for the customer support service.

Reduction in price

Another main change that made QuickBooks on the cloud a common technological solution is reduction in the price paid by businesses for opting cloud hosting services. There is no denial in the fact that the modern competitive market of the current cloud hosting industries has lowered down the cost but there is one more important thing that has cut down the cost of using cloud hosting services and that is the introduction of third party cloud hosting services.

As discussed earlier, the IT infrastructure was very costly and in addition to this, businesses also needed to invest in training, managing and hiring IT employees. Well, all this cost was eliminated by third party cloud hosting services and this is how cloud hosting become an advanced but economical technological solution. With reduction in price, it became available for even small and medium sized businesses.

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